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As long as no one is in your way and you don't violate any other policy, sure. Unless there is now a mob you can't fd past......
ok so you have thought about how this will break fd pulling and also how it will break fd agro wipes which is monks only ability to manage agro.


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Since that last one is more of a development question, the answer is yes, we have thought a lot about this in fact. It is a mechanic that will be used sparingly, and will have to be managed carefully to not break FD splitting and other acceptable uses of the mechanic.


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Question regarding "selling" no-drop items/xp/etc:

Would it be permissible to (with the person's permission of course), play their character for them to collect no-drop quest items and do a quest for them? The character would fully participate - the only plat transaction would be in return for completing the content for them.


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Disclaimer: As staff emeritus, I have insight on these rules at the time of the original posting of this thread. Only current staff would be appropriate to determine what is appropriate nowadays.

The intent a decade ago was to limit that. The clause "if it is abused we will revoke this privilege" was to prevent that type of activity, among other things. Friends completing quests for each other without expectation of payment was commonplace during my staff tenure. The few instances I recall of concern were the result of misconduct unrelated to quests and fell under Rule 14 "Loaning of Characters" https://shardsofdalaya.com/rules.htm
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