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  • You and woldaff share a birthday? Craziness and a small world. Either way, happy birthday Master Allielyn!

    I was referred to you from some of my in game friends - a few nights ago I got my last archaic fragment for my enchanter archaic spell. When I went back to the initial vapor projection (the guy who talks about the magic/armor at the entrance to prison) to convert the ancient fragments to the usable ones, he gave me some messages about being able to use them but handed nothing to me, and I received no error messages. Basically the NPC destroyed 2 of my 4 archaic fragments and although I've had a petition in for several days not I've not not been contacted about it. I was hoping that you could either help me with it or point me to someone who could. I currently have fragment #1 and #4, and #2 and #3 were the one's that were lost. My character's name is Iliangur, and I can either be reached here on the boards or ingame.

    Thank you in advance for your time and your help.

    Kindest regards,

    Alliellyn, I know you've been busy dealing with the Purge, but just wanted to remind you of our conversation on IRC. We're you able to send a message to Belirian confirming that I was the one whose 13k was taken from bank by his char? Thanks! - Neiv
    oh dear these are backwards switch the previous three around and they may make sense thans Alli. lemme know what is going on.
    Ok so my story...
    I have no idea how these things happen but I feel I got cheated out of a ring and the tome of reanimation isn't exactly the compensation I had in mind lol. Apparently we switched items or I gave him mine and got two new ones from the air both of which I can't use and are NO Drop LORE. I would like my ring back augged if possible. If I can be of more assistance please let me know. Thank you Lorrum/Aileja.
    Ok so my story...
    So the delimma continues, I put in a petition for ring and continued playing about half way through EF I ran out of food and water. A groupee gave me some of his and I noticed that the food and water skipped a slot in my bags, I noticed this because I kept randomly opening my bags to see if my ring repopped or what not. After left clicking on item that was invisible I found I had a nec item called Runic Bonecarver, which I then associated with the bug in Sanctum. Finally after we died we returned to Sadri and did the split during the split I discovered I also had another Necro item called the Tome of Reanimation and the looter in the group, named Ozoa, discovered he had my Thaz 2 Ring in his inventory augged which is a NO DROP item so it should not be able to be dropped traded or sold and the same goes for the Tome and Bonecarver.
    Ok so my story...

    I raided with my guild in Sanctum on Tuesday Dec 30th. Manguadi asked me to sit out of the raid on Drakes to have an enchanter take my place. I said np. When I relogged back on I couldn't open the gates in Sanctum it acted like something was on my cursor. Well this isn't the first time it has happened so I just opened my bags and placed non-existant item in my inventory and wha-la, gates opened. I didn't have any problems after that until I went to EmberFlow.
    In EF I think we were at the entrance, attacking an unstable flamling or something. It was like the fifth mob in EF and I heard a noise like my bags were closing except that I didn't have inventory opened so I just checked because you never know. (4 am est) Upon inspection I discovered I had lost my Ashen-Field ring out of Thaz 2 (my guild can attest to this) also GM Ashley had to provide me with this ring because Thaz went down if that makes a difference.
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