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  • FYI, for folks who missed it, we will officially be listed on EQEmu. Check out the news page for details.
    Agreed Burt! That's actually a very good idea, problems will most manifest themselves in the high-end game likely.
    Door issues are all fixed. Sony decided one day they knew the difference between X and Y coordinates, so we had to adjust.
    That's what makes Swedish fish awesome though. They shouldn't be good. They are weird and kinda hard. Yet...
    A few Counteract Diseases will fix it. Not sure why the CDC doesn't suggest this IRL.
    I did not want to hijack any of your 2.5 or 3.0 threads, but I was wondering where you would like us to post new functionality suggestions. As an example, other servers allow the use of macroquest. I think mq would destroy our server but some of the functionality could be cool. A toggle for Time stamps on text would rock! Maybe npcs in view of the PC could show up on the map. Just some thoughts.
    Anyway,should I post new threads of create a suggestion these or us an existing thews? ;)
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