Nonlinear Monk Glove Progression

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Did we finish with personal drama and came to a conclusion about gloves? Or are at least still on a path towards it? Sorry didn't read everything.


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Yes and no. I doubt the personal drama will ever end because this game seems to be populated by nine-year-olds more interested in being King Dick and getting attention than helping the server. Pretty much every post on this forums devolves into a trivial fight that happened six years ago that even people then could barely be bothered to care about. So no, the drama will continue, either here or in another post.

The general consensus I get from this thread, which must be taken with a grain of salt because I have a horse in this race, is that monk glove progression needs to be looked at for several reasons:
1. Many of the gloves were made well before monk revamp and don't scale as originally intended.
2. The "best" gloves were nerfed too hard and created an issue that top tier monks are now trying to go backwards in raid progress to get a better performing glove.
3. The current way 1 particular boe glove works makes it better than pretty much every other glove except the top 3 both because the glove is exceptional and because the other gloves before the top 3 are woefully lack luster or completely missing from multiple tiers of content.

Options that have been expressed to fix this issue range from a lot of work for GMs to just plain terrible but include:
1. Creating new and/or altering existing gloves to smooth the transition from BoE to t9/t10 to t13 to something more obtainable.
2. Nerfing gloves that are currently working well to fall in-line with "best" glove which is under performing compared to gloves 3 tiers lower.
3. Very small tweak to "best" gloves to make them seem like they are an upgrade.
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