Ranmere Report: Feedback megadump


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I want to preface this thread with the statement that there's lots of great content to enjoy (thank you devs) -- I just happen to note down any feedback I have when I do it. With that said, here is this week's installment of the Ranmere Report (rather than making tons of separate posts I'm going to shift to this single thread, devs if you prefer otherwise let me know). I've tried not to repeat anything I've already put in /bug reports but I apologize if some overlap happens.

NPC feedback (Zone -- NPC name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Warrens -- a bulky kobold -- suggestion: make it bulkier than other kobolds (bigger size?) - Made the bulky kobold more bulky
  2. The Cesspits -- various necro npcs, e.g., an apprentice necromancer -- these NPCs don't cast any spells, is this intended? Compare to mobs from Fearstone (SK/Necro with spells) - Added some level-appropriate spells
  3. Erudin -- an unlucky wizard -- the nametag on this NPC is sticking out of the wall near the docks (only reason I learned about it -- cool idea by the way) - Adjusted his position
  4. South Newport -- n/a -- suggestion: add an alchemy and augmentation vendor to the night-time docks merchants (I have no idea the original reason for the lack, but I would hazard a guess of the zone was built before alchemy & augmentations were in use)
Dialogue feedback (Zone -- NPC name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. The Grand Athenaeum -- Gemil, Voice of Experience -- when you hail this NPC you get this screwy response: 'Playername tells you, Greetings traveller. Welcome to the Grand Library.' - Dialog fixed
  2. Erudin Palace -- Fermek Tavater -- uses the word "gaol" which if I recall correctly a recent patch indicated gaol should be jail now. - Spelling fixed
Adept feedback (Adept -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Sssz the Stone -- devastating blow doesn't seem to do anything other than a normal attack?
  2. Sssz the Stone -- items feel too powerful (e..g, chest item is better than the chest item from lvl 12 adept The Beetle Queen) Adjusted
  3. Ghak the Crimson Horns -- items feel too powerful (e.g., belt is better than belt from lvl 12 adept The Mist Stalker) Adjusted
Item feedback (Item name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Mmgrawl's Gloves -- suggestion: change from no drop to bind on equip, still probably never used but /shrug Adjusted for patch
  2. Mmgrawl's Trinket -- suggestion: change from no drop to bind on equip, still probably never used but /shrug Adjusted for patch
  3. Gloves of the Theron / Helmet of the Theron / Bracer of the Theron -- issue: currently type 5, should probably be type 2 (like Boots of the Theron already are) Adjusted for patch
  4. Yaralith's Fist -- suggestion: remove recommended level of 20 on this item Adjusted for patch
  5. Box of Copper Bolts --- bounty quest item, it would be nice if these were stackable, particularly as these are very low lvl Adjusted
  6. Box of Sturdy Plating --- bounty quest item, it would be nice if these were stackable, particularly as these are very low lvl Adjusted
  7. Box of Size 8 Sprokets -- bounty quest item, it would be nice if these were stackable, particularly as these are very low lvl Adjusted
  8. Lamplighter Arm --- is leftover from quest, poor Gnomes are going to be living in the dark Quest Fixed
  9. Pristine Carapace -- bounty quest item, it would be nice if these were stackable Adjusted
  10. Tribal Headband -- bounty quest item, it would be nice if these were stackable Adjusted
  11. Misc -- the exp required for leveling exp items is all over the place, e.g., Dinosaur Skin Wristguard (from lvl 7 adept) and Steelsilk Warding Cuff (from lvl 8 adept) finish pretty similar stat-wise, but the former takes ~1 million exp while the latter takes ~5 million exp. All exp rates for adept gear will be re-examined to create some uniformity
Quest feedback (Questgiver name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Rupta -- quest offered gives no journal
  2. Clansman Mangar -- quest offered gives no journal
  3. a keeper of the art -- quest offered gives no journal
  4. Freya the Blacksmith -- quest offered gives no journal
  5. Envoy Bippa -- quest offered gives no journal
  6. Chef De Cuisine Ghurgi -- I think this quest developed an issue when tinkering was put in. To finish the quest Ghurgi wants "fresh dwarf meat" which ended up being a total of 5 dwarf meats (which I slowly farmed from killing the single dwarf in Greenmist). My guess is he used to drop all 5 at once and that since that was potentially exploitable for tinkering it was removed (forgetting the reason he dropped so much meat in the first place!). I recommend adding a quest-specific meat drop from him "Fresh Dwarf Meat" which can be used to finish the quest. Further, the start of that quest gives a player 5 dwarf meat, which has the same potential exploit as the already removed one. I recommend replacing the first part of the quest with a quest-specific item "Stale Dwarf Meat". - Reworked the items on this quest and fixed the drop
  7. Trainer Meghan -- gives quest prompts after completion of her quest.
  8. Saldin -- three issues: (1) his two quests indicate he will give you bags, no bags were given on completion; (2) if wiki is to be believed the rewards for these quests are plain Backpack items, considering one of them requires 15 spider venom sacs (sell for 5 gold each), it would be nice to see at least a Handmade Backpack as reward; and (3) the journal entries for these quests are [Saldins Precious Bags] & [Saldins Precious Sewing] these should both be Saldin's with an apostrophe.
  9. Vingrin the Tinkerer -- quest offered gives no journal
  10. Grabbit the Furious -- quest offered gives no journal
  11. Bloggo -- quest offered gives no journal
  12. Garlii -- quest offered gives no journal
  13. Warlord Zorg -- only gives quest to ogres/if under ogre illusion (no response to hail if you aren't an Ogre)
  14. Warlord Garomm -- only gives quest to ogres/if under ogre illusion (no response to hail if you aren't an Ogre)
  15. Tavax Darkblood -- (1) quest offered gives no journal & (2) quest does not advance properly (Grinkles fixed the intial step), currently killing a tal'yan soothsayer with the quest sword does not generate the next quest item as it should
  16. Tongu -- quest offered gives no journal
  17. Graldin Fruble -- quest offered gives no journal (his brother, Eldo Furble, in North Newport would also give this quest)
Tradeskill feedback (Tradeskill -- issue/feedback)
  1. Tailoring -- Silk Slippers are sold by Tim Cobbler in North Newport, making raising skill from 99-127 extremely easy
  2. Brewing -- the recipe for lemonade (lemon juice + water flask + sugar) does not combine - Combine is fixed
  3. Brewing -- the item "Untempted Ointment" seems like a typo (or maybe an inside dev joke?) from Untempered
  4. Pottery -- "Enchanted Glass Alembic" name seems wrong (should be "Glass Alembic") since there's no enchantment involved (just glass and more glass)
  5. Pottery -- Dalayan pottery logic is backwards: clay is normally fired after being shaped rather than before (probably not worth changing unless tradeskills get revamped) - Weird mechanic but would probably take a lot to change
Zone/misc feedback (Zone -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Oggok Mines -- issue/suggestion: the "a cave imp" mobs, which seem to have been added soley for tinkering, are problematic. They are lvl 16 and kos, yet block access to two lowbie exp areas (appropriate for players lvl 1 - 12), invis is the only way past them if you want to do that content while still getting experience. I recommend moving all of those imp spawns (there are imps both by the company miners and the nilvalk) back near Prospector Tavin and the nearby trail of dead prospectors (which appears to be part of a non-implemented quest) -- this has the double benefit of making Oggok Mines again accessible to lowbies and creating an explanation/quest hook for all the dead prospectors. - Relocated
  2. Oggok -- issue: two brew barrels located near the Oggok Mines are both partially inside the wall - Position fixed
  3. Erudin -- issue: brew barrel (/loc -1203, -307, 67) is sticking through of the wall - Position fixed
  4. Erudin -- issue: bad water map in zone (client thinks you're swimming near the Mistwoods exit)
  5. Greenmist Jungle -- issue: bad water map in zone, it's impossible to gain swimming skill in zone & fish mobs follow you up on land (yay flying piranhas)
  6. The Runnyeye Citadel -- suggestion: the 2nd floor has hidden chambers w/ diff color walls (and matching multi-colored slimes), could be a riddle quest involving those
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Round two of the Ranmere Report. It's really cool to see how much is being changed based on this feedback =)

Zone feedback (Zone name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Bloodstorm Tunnels -- it would be nice to have a zone out (maybe clicking on the root near zone in?), while most people that go in there on purpose probably can teleport, I found the zone by accident and found it unfortunate I couldn't exit back to the Oasis.
Tradeskill feedback (Tradeskill -- issue/feedback)
  1. Augmenting -- In Erudin, the augmentation fountain is currently located by the jewelry shop, it would be nice to move it to be next to the aug vendor (near Mistwoods zoneline) like most other aug fountains.
Quest feedback (Questgiver name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Guard Kulren -- no journal // escort quest but aoe effects hit Kulren
  2. Researcher Worq -- during this quest you escort a Necromecha Clockwork, if you fail and it dies, it would be nice if there was a message indicating you will need to wait for Worq to repair the clockwork and try again (currently no message at all on failing)
  3. Craftsman Charek -- the rewards from these armor quests (Golden Platemail, etc.) feel relatively useless, niche case would be twinking a character by sending them the quest items (since they are droppable). Maybe change those quest items to no drop and buff the quest rewards?
  4. Councilor Marek -- journal entry is currently [Mareks Missions] missing an apostrophe on Marek's
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  5. Councilor Cillan -- journal entry is currently [Cillans Courier Service] missing an apostrophe on Cillan's
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  6. Samantha the Assistant -- bounty quest for goblin ears does not give any faction (only tested at amiable), if it's not supposed to give past amiable then a message to that effect when hailing her would be nice (some poor soul asked in /ooc how many ears it would take to reach ally).
  7. Envoy Bippa -- there is no dialogue prompt when you speak with Master Mechanic Burble in Underhill, asking for Bippa's power source.
  8. Master Mechanic Zalban -- bounty quest for orc heads, he only accepts one at a time
  9. Uled -- bag quest calls for 6 feeder hides for a reward of 1 leather bag -- 6 hides sell for 3 gold total, you can buy a leather bag for 2 gold /facepalm
  10. Rupta -- bounty quest for turtle eggs: turning in a single egg occasionally gives the message "You receive pieces." guessing a random 0-1 for money reward?
  11. Guard Master Ulik -- quest given to non-froglok warrior & only completeable by froglok (item must be equiped) + rewards frog only
  12. Ghorg -- Leech Leash item is leftover at end of quest
  13. Master Alchemist Baruk -- two issues (1) no journal entry, and (2) on hand-in returned my quest items (along with rewards and quest completion)
  14. Apprentice Hinan -- gives dialogue 'I know how to make the mind-speeding potion now. I have no more need of you.' despite having not done her quest (maybe because I'm a warrior)
  15. Miner Lishta -- quest journal is [Listha's Bracelet], Lishta is her name not Listha
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  16. Warden Grugmok -- three issues (1) can only hand in bounties 1 at a time (2 items stacked); (2) only finished froglok bounty and dialogue prompt lists incorrect unfinished bounties (lists mosquitos and frogloks, should be mosquitos and leeches); and (3) there is a simultaneous newb quest (from Deet) that has you killing mosquitos without leaving corpses, I recommend changing the bounty from mosquito parts to something from an other mob, since otherwise you need to spawn an absurd number of mosquitos to complete both quests
Spell feedback (Spell name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Sense the Dead -- currently doesn't sense the dead (does nothing), tested on both spell caster and using clicky (Electromagical Field Detector)
    • Jumbers fixed this broken spell mechanic for next patch. ~~Grinkles
  2. Flash of Light -- doesn't blind the player.
Item feedback (Item name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Rusty Ogre-forged Training Shield -- after you level this item to lvl 1 (max lvl) as required for the quest, if you log out the item resets to lvl 0
  2. A Bountiful Brew -- currently gives +5 meditation, might be better to change to +1 or +2 FT (it's not immediately obvious to new players the benefit of +meditation)
  3. Darksun Headband -- currently an equipment item only useful for a couple of quests/vendor trash, suggest changing it to non-equip and stackable
  4. Darksun Master Headband -- currently an equipment item only useful for a quest/vendor trash, suggest changing it to non-equip and stackable
  5. The Boneseer Orb -- good item to make expable (final reward from a relatively long quest for int casters)
  6. Studded Leather Leggings -- made by tradeskills -- only has one aug slot should be two slots
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  7. Tiger Hide -- lore item, doesn't need to be stackable
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  8. Escaped Liodreth Head -- lore item, doesn't need to be stackable
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  9. Scaled Wolf Hide - trash loot, would be nice if it stacked
  10. Introduction to Brewing -- book item, right click doesn't open any text
Adept feedback (Adept -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Junkbeast -- is this guy really supposed to drop the item with highest bane damage vs clockworks? (Perfected Fusion Woozle) +15 on the perfect and +12 on the other versions
    • This is no longer the case. ~~Grinkles
NPC/mob feedback (Zone -- NPC name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. The Runnyeye Citadel -- Orphan Grut -- missed pop culture reference opportunity to make this mob a tiny plant dude (race 258 - vegerog, which is what the unclean mobs in zone are)
  2. Greater Faydark -- Preserver Jelly -- druid augur that doesn't offer SoW (tested from lvl 1-14)
  3. Steamfont Mountains -- a lesser Dragon Shade -- (1) model is nekkid human male, (2) name has weird capitalization
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  4. Steamfont Mountains -- a Necromecha Clockwork -- name has weird capitalization
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  5. Mistwoods -- Antha Silvarum -- if you're flagged for her quest she won't offer druid augur buffs
  6. Halls of Mielech -- a large froglok -- make larger than the other frogloks?
  7. Fearstone / Lesser Faydark -- bloodclaw orcs -- potential for different texture from dawn tribe orcs?
  8. Halls of Mielech -- a mine overseer -- according to the Instruments of Vengeance quest, this guy's name is Mine Overseer Grupl
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
Misc/Off-the-wall feedback (description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Kind lady -- feels too easy/unearned, it is really nice to have access to these buffs, but it really feels like unearned power -- maybe quests to unlock buffs? or at the very least some scaling money cost (hello dynamic money sink)?
  2. Discord chat in game -- it's possible to have the /ooc channel connected in with discord somehow, I've seen it on a few other eqemu servers. See: https://github.com/xackery/discordeq/releases/
  3. Consumable quest rewards, are good for high power reward but low power creep: for reference see Stonesong Roots
  4. Patch notes on login -- if you're not going to update them, just have a generic greeting/point folk to shardsofdalaya.com for patch notes, it's kind of odd to see the last one there from 2018.
  5. Named mobs that have no names -- it would be nice if named mobs with generic names (e.g., a kobold king in warrens) could get actual names.
  6. Mansion of Portals QoL suggestion: allow SoW to persist through the MoP
  7. Chat window filter for exp messages don't filter to experience messages (currently sent to Other)
  8. The various newb bounty quests are probably the least interesting newb content I've experienced. It would be really nice if these could be changed to funnel players into the thurgadin bounty system. Example: at the Athica gate you have "White Wyvern Emmisary Frank" who points newbs to three bounties -- one killing frilakh in fearstone, one killing goblins in goblinskull, one killing bloodclaw in lesser faydark. Each completion nets a player some athica faction & some coin. If the player completes all three they are rewarded with 1 bounty token. This would feed new players into the bounty system & if players choose to do all the bounties while leveling up they would end up with a tidy little stack of tokens.
Burning questions
  1. Who is the purple poet?
  2. Will Thurm (the swamp god) make any more appearances?
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No nerfing the kind lady, k thanks.

If I have to do a bunch of questing to run buffs I'll just load buff bots, most of us have multiple teams worth of info.


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No nerfing the kind lady, k thanks.

If I have to do a bunch of questing to run buffs I'll just load buff bots, most of us have multiple teams worth of info.
I mean from a design perspective, if you're just going to give away that level of buffs why not cut out the middleman and bake the power from those buffs into characters to begin with? This is probably more a basic flaw from initial design of Everquest, long duration buffs (where you can load a toon and give other toons power without being there) are just poor design in my opinion.

Would you still use kind lady if she charged some plat for buffs?


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It would have to be extremely cheap, I mostly solo and have several toons for every buff I need.

Having access to buffs quickly isnt powerful at all since pretty much all of us can already do it with armies of dead toons. Which is why they made it a regular thing, it just speeds up what we already do.


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Quest feedback (QuestNPC name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Deepmaster Talain -- quest with no journal entry
  2. Master Hysath -- (1) quest with no journal entry; (2) I was able to receive/complete his quest for Venom Claws (monk only weapon) as a warrior
  3. Klyaa Feralli -- (1) quest with no journal entry; (2) after finishing the quest these quest NPCs still give dialogue as if you haven't: Guard Kombe, Farmer Nolan, a slave worker; (3) you can repeat quest turn-ins for a slave worker; (4) these quest rewards drop even if you're not doing the quest: the leggings (A Ravaged Corpse) and helm (Poulter)
  4. Sergeant Timms -- newport ring quest, gives no /cm dialogue prompt (must manually type response) - Fixed
  5. Priestess Andrenia -- after you escort her and successfully defend her from cultists, she says come talk with me -- then gives a this npc is too busy to talk message for a while
NPC/mob feedback (Zone -- NPC name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. The Runnyeye Citadel -- a scoria stalker (mob is part of the Brushfire event) -- no model (nekkid human male) -Fixed
  2. Fearstone Keep -- an enormous frilakh -- one of it's spawn points is inside a tent, however it is so big it doesn't fit in tent anymore (looks decapitated) -- move or make slightly smaller
  3. The Cesspits -- various mobs -- mobs of multiple racial types drop dark elf meat (seen it from gnomes & high elves) instead of their own respective meats
Item feedback (Item name -- description of issue/suggestion)
  1. Brancu's Sack of Rocks (summons Throwing Rock) -- these rocks could use a boost, unless they are intended solely as an item to tag mobs (current ratio is 1/35)
  2. Antique Breastplate -- if it follows the naming of the other items in the set, it should be "Antique Plate Breastplate" -Adjusted
  3. Black Sash -- newbie quest item (also doubles as 1ac equipment), recommend making it not equipment and stackable
  4. Basilisk Tongue -- lowbie vendor trash (worth 0.340 plat each), would be nice if it stacked -Adjusted
  5. Harpy Claw -- lowbie vendor trash (worth0.520 plat each), would be nice if it stacked -Adjusted
  6. Snake Oil -- lowbie vendor trash (worth 0.041 plat each), would be nice if it stacked -Adjusted
  7. Slouch Snake Scales -- lowbie vendor trash (worth 0.007 plat each), would be nice if it stacked -Adjusted
dbstr_us issues (Issue -- corrrect string)
  1. AA description of crippling strike is currently wrong (as compared to wiki) -- 599^4^This ability grants you the chance to score a crippling strike whenever you strike a critical hit in melee combat. A crippling strike deals additional damage to the foe and interrupts any spells they are casting. The initial rank of this ability functions on foes up to level 57. Further ranks increases it to level 59 and level 61 respectively. You gain the ability to train an additional rank at levels 61, 63, and 65.
  2. Spell effect descriptions for potions are missing/out-of-date (working on getting a better parser running on linux before I would write out fixes for these myself)
Misc issues/suggestions
  1. Alchemy stat potions have odd stacking behavior that seems unintended -- example Essence of Gorilla (+STA/+AGI) stacks with Potion of Agility (+AGI), at the highest lvl of potions this behavior means I can have +30 in two stats and +60 in two stats by having 2 essences and 2 plain stat potions. Seems like stat potions were intended to just cap at +30.
  2. Add new /s that become available to level-up information that pops up (e.g., Warrior dings to lvl 15 and the pop-up points out the new Bloodlust /s)
  3. Some inconsistency in how quest items are presented (consistency would be nice): (1) quest items that aren't no drop/vendor trash (Grobb & Halas are particularly rife with these, with the additional difference of Halas quest loot often vendoring for 1-7 plat, while Grobb qp items vendor for 1-5 silver); (2) quest items that are labeled with class (personally I like this labeling from a QoL standpoint and dislike it from an immersion standpoint); (3) items with the [Quest] tag that makes them indestructible (seems pretty darn random what has this tag and doesn't -- personally I'd just change this tag to [Indestructible] and use it specifically for that purpose rather than quest items.
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spells_us bugs
-- message on cast of Wiseman's Hymn proc is "You sings the Wiseman's Hymn." should be sing
Fixed. This string is pulled from the item's script rather than spells_us.txt. ~~Grinkles

zone bugs
-- Surefall Glade -- bad water map, swimming skill ups outside of water
-- Warpstone Caverns -- zoning in from the Sundered Mountains faces you towards the exit

quest bugs
-- The final parts of the Halas newbie questlines have some weirdness in the class tags on quest items
(1) - there are four drops off of Dunmas Recruiter Scout, each labeled with a different class from among the ones that Barbs can be (BST/ROG/SHM/WAR), however the quest NPC requires you to turn in all 4 items to continue the quest. I'm guessing the original intent was for each class to hand-in one of the drops (so a group of the four classes could progress the quest simultaneously). As is it is kind of confusing and should either be changed to ALL/ALL or made so the quest requires only the item tagged with that class to proceed. This is the same for the next two steps (killing Dunmas Men-at-Arms, and Dunmas Morale Zealot).​
(2) - many of the letters back and forth between Jahn McDavish & your class guildmaster have odd class tags on them, e.g., the final letter for the warrior questline was labeled BST only.​
-- Training Master Vaenla -- Underhill -- gives a progressive ring quest for warriors, reward is dwarf/gnome only, but any race can start the quest once they have the necessary faction in Underhill (no illusion neccessary). Should probably put a race check on the quest or change the reward to be useable by all races.
Fixed. Only races native to Underhill (DWF/GNM) will be able to do this quest as of next patch. ~~Grinkles
-- Captain Spak -- Sundered Mountains -- near the end of her quest says "Go ahead and hand back that key, when ye get a chance." -- does not accept key (Abyssal Lady Storage Key).

item bugs
-- Stretched Hide Shield -- feels like it should be type 5 (silk/leather) and not type 2 (chain/plate)
Fixed. ~~Grinkles
-- A number of deprecated quest items could use removal:
(1) - items from original implementation of Instrument of Vengeance: e.g., Mine Overseer's Badge, Undertaker's Shroud, Captain Tigribl's Chevron, etc. -- every named you must kill for that quest drops one (I would guess it was originally item based and got changed to flags w/o the items being removed).​
These might have been given a use in a certain quest written by @Nwaij. I'm not sure. ~~Grinkles
(2) - Mountain Panda Paw -- dropped by pandas in Sundered Mountains, apparently from a quest removed by Wiz sometime before 2008.​
-- Burning Greatsword -- currently has skull staff as it's 3d model, should probably be a sword of some type.
Fixed. This was almost certainly caused by a copy/paste oversight; Stolen Blackstaff drops in the same zone and is in the same item ID range. ~~Grinkles
-- QoL Suggestion: Pouch of the the Plenty -- summons no rent +5 cha food, it would be nice if this summoned similar to Mug of Endless Gravy -- i.e., 3 sec cast, 5 at a time -- rather than how it currently summons -- 5 sec cast, 1 at a time. This would be a solid change for any of the food/drink clickies that summon very slowly (I don't have a list).
-- Vendor trash that should be stackable (do you guys have a guideline on what should and should not be stackable -- i.e., vendor price/size consideration?)
(1) - Goblin Earring -- sells for 0.025 plat​
(2) - Scaled Wolf Hide -- sells for 0.6 plat​
(3) - Turtle Shell -- sells for 0.259 plat​
-- Drape of Virulent Scales -- has no vendor price
-- Mmgrawl's Gloves -- has no vendor price
-- Mmgrawl's Trinket -- has no vendor pice

npc bugs
-- a desert orc gatherer -- northern wastes of tarhyl -- name cuts off to "a corrupted desert orc gathere" when corrupted
-- a malevolent presence -- fearstone keep -- no model (naked human)
-- Sam Bloodblade -- procs "Superior Camouflage" on the player, I'm guessing the original intent was him casting it on himself? Or maybe someone flubbed the spell id and he was supposed to proc something else -- I believe his two brother's both proc Infectious Cloud (Spell ID 365).
Fixed. ~~Grinkles

dialogue bugs
-- Cleric Master Milhad -- Sadri Malath -- gives /cm prompt "I am a cleric of Malath looking for work." to everyone
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Item issues (item -- issues)
  • Sigils (type 2 augs) -- currently use the same icon for the first 5 tiers of sigil, it would be nice if they were visually different (suggest icons 1463-1467 or something fromthe 5760-5910 range)
  • Runes (type 3 augs) -- currently use the same icon for the first 4 tiers of sigil, it would be nice if they were visually different (suggest icons from 1463-1467 or the 5760-5910 range)
  • T-maps -- icons could be changed to 2149 (closest image to a map among the icons)
  • Size 1 to 5 Tubing/Sensors/Sprockets/Servos/Plating -- share the same icon within their respective groups (suggest looking at the 2300-2420ish range -- I didn't immediately find a good range for tubing however).
  • Fiery Explosion Mitts -- lore on item mispells Fiery as Firey
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Metal Deposit List -- Silvercrown quest item -- would be nice if it stacked
Quest issues (Quest NPC/questname : issues)
  • a visitor from Grobb
    • After the "what brings a troll to a froglok settlement" prompt you get that option again as cmd 2
      • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
    • no journal
      • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Hayden Aulden (quest for Arcane staff)
    • no journal
    • no /cm dialogue prompts
    • gives quest prompts after finishing quest (likely repeatable as well)
  • Janitor Tomlin (Newport Cup) : dialogue indicates quest drops from sewer ratlings, which there are in the sewers (a sewer ratling), however the quest drops only drop from (a sewer ratmen), dialogue should probably be changed from ratlings to ratmen
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Coporal Larun (ratman tail bounty) : only accepts 1 ratman tail at a time
  • Greenmist Ritual : Eye of Bone is buggy --- doesn't require you to give item to summon Eye of Thurm, often is left spawned, gives messages of Woo1 and Woo
  • Faludyonna Starslinger
    • gives /cm prompts for her quest even after finishing it
    • no journal
  • Trader Jildo : Jildo's Notebook leftover after quest done (mostly annoying since it is [Quest] tagged)
  • Illidona Starpyre : no journal
NPC issues (NPC -- Zone -- Issue)
  • An Emissary of Shojar -- Northern Waste of Tarhyl -- this KoS high level NPC paths right through the lvl 24 adept Gozzlac, Fiery Golem, might consider moving the path or the adept slightly (I'm guessing this was unintentional since the emissary is rarely there)
  • a swirling portal -- plane of nightmare -- borked model
  • a dreamkeeper -- plane of nightmare -- borked model
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • an iksar skeleton -- greater faydark -- aren't social aggro w/ each other (perhaps intentional?)
  • a zealot -- The Cesspits -- casts some kind of heal on you instead of itself (was able to reproduce this multiple times)
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
Main Quest issues (NPC/Item -- issue)
  • Seeker Iggib -- dialogue ...I can offer in return for your cheritable work. -- charitable mispelled
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • No journal entries for most of the main quest
  • Enslaving Collar -- mobs that this is used on don't depop (probably should as they give a "Soandso fades away." spell emote)
  • Froglok Eggs -- recommend increases the drop rate on this item (think this took me 6 kills to get a drop?)
Lore issues
  • References to Tizmak when in SoD they are known as Harthuk? (dialogue from various NPC in Thurgadin Captain Galur was one).
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Wizard spells with Markar, Al'Kabor, Tishan, Elnerick, Jyll, Jiva, Xuzl in their spell name all reference EQ Live lore -- recommend changing these to references of either past player wizards or SoD NPC wizards/deities: e.g., Jiva ---> Jayla; Tisha ---> Tergon (Sadri Malath WIZ GM); Al'Kabor ---> Solosolki (the real #1 Wiz); Markar ---> Zerkotah (Scale Alliance dragon wizard); etc.
Spell issues (spell -- issue)
  • Thunderbold (57 WIZ) -- probably a mispelling of Thunderbolt
    • I've hesitated to change this over the years because I always got the feeling it was intended to be some kind of portmanteau/pun rather than a typo. Interestingly, it apparently was changed to Thunderbolt in EQ Live at some point prior to 2007 according to this Allakhazam post, and only the scroll had the spelling with the D. Hmm.... ~~Grinkles
  • No planar port spell to Azmaen (pofrost) -- believe this is the only plane lacking such a port, not sure if there is a reason for this other than it was unfinished?
  • Various WIZ AoE's that are DD + Stun should probably be categorized under Stuns instead of Direct Damage in the right-click spellgem menu, e.g., Wrath of Al'Kabor, Thunderbold (I can make a full list if this is something that wants to be changed)
  • Lightning Shock (spell id 466) -- cast on messages say "Soandso's skin ignites." this should probably be something lightning related rather than fire (looks like copy paste from 29 wiz spell Inferno Shock.
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Two lvl 60 wiz spells, Spell: Elnerick's Electrical Rending & Spell: Sunstrike cost 485 plat each from vendor vs all other lvl 60 wiz spells costing ~4 plat each
    • This is intentional. All classes with spells sold in Erudin Library have two of their Level 60 spells listed at ~500pp. Generally, these are the two "best" or most identifiable spells, like the Blessing of Aegolism for CLR or Garos's Endless Intellect for ENC. It's kind of an odd design choice, but it's been this way for as long as I can remember. ~~Grinkles
Misc issues
  • Valley of Erimal -- the bottom of the elevator into the Seeker base has 2 rocks you can trigger, one does nothing but rotate, the other moves the lift
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Within the /cm specialize commands there is /cm specialize blunt/avoidance but within skills it lists blunt/agility -- should change skillname or /cm specialize text to be matching
    • Fixed. (Thanks, Jumbers!) ~~Grinkles
  • Pop-up on leveling to 51 says that lvl 51 is your last chance to complete Instrument of Vengeance (same message also appears as it should at 52)
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Most tomes have the word Codexes in their text, this should be Codices
    • This will be irrelevant next patch. ~~Grinkles
  • eqstr_us issue --- when you force drink a beverage it pulls string 8502 You take a drink from an %1. -- suggest change to You take a drink of your %1. (otherwise you get awkward grammar things)
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I've had too much free-time lately.

Though I'm half convinced most people just don't read shit.


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I was referring to this from the upcoming patch:
Most in-game tome descriptions have been given a minor revision.
  • This change mainly includes fixes for hundreds of capitalization errors and the removal of extraneous spaces.
  • Additionally, nearly all instances of "codex" have been changed to "tome" (except when referencing the Codex of Power line).


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I was hoping it was going to be because y'all working to actually push out the "tome to AA" revamp, so there's actually a whole new slew of AA's on top of "class tome AA's". having many thousands of extra AAs waiting sadly to be used hurts the feels.


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  • Spell: 54 int-caster spell Shield of the Magi does not overwrite 44 int-caster spell Arch Shielding (if parser is accurate it looks like the lvl 44 spell is actually superior to the 54 one in terms of +hp/ac)
  • Spell: Draft of Ice (57 WIZ) doesn't have arcane echo recourse (unlike every other draft spell)
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Zone: Western Wastes MoP exit pops you out at the wiz teleport in spot and not by the MoP exit
  • Zone: Zoning into Requiem of Hate is loading message The Plane of Hate (not sure if wiki is wrong on zone name or if the ZoneData.txt file has the wrong name)
  • Zone: Zoning into Hatesfury for solo entry quest, the loading message is Art Testing Domain
  • Dialogue: Cargo Master Verdesh -- "on ships stopping and every port in all of Ikisith." should be "stopping at every"
  • Dialogue: Cargo Master Verdesh -- says "W..what was the inside of the city like?" should be a deck hand saying that line and not Cargo Master Verdesh
  • Dialogue: Cabin Boy Shin says, 'Stay close.. not sure whos off duty...' missing apostrophe at who's
  • Dialogue: Grupruk the Thoughtful -- "There is a city in the East, less than an hour's journey form here" -- should be from not form
  • Dialogue: Grupruk the Thoughtful -- "He was suspicious - though I must say, he is quite weary, and not one to have his hopes raised" --- should probably be wary not weary
  • Dialogue: Grupruk the Thoughtful -- "Most of what we understand about our history come directly from the myths" --- should be comes
  • Dialogue: Phago the Glutton (multiple bugs) -- I wont try anything more. -- should be won't \\ against one of Marlows sworn enemies -- should be Marlow's \\ Althuna from their corpes, and -- should be corpses
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Journal: Journal Entry for Feats of Poetry -- Krinaka the Poetess has ask me to slay two dozen Szithri --- should be "has asked"
    • Fixed. ~~Grinkles
  • Book Text: Nature of Magic -- book text has a line break at "a mix of several, even (line break) all four." where it shouldn't
  • AA: you receive the message from ENC Shared Mind AA -- Soandso is now enhancing your groups mental abilities -- w/ a lvl 3 enchanter in group
  • Quest: Voices -- a demented gruplok -- gives /cm d commands w/o decrepit glossary
  • Item: Destructive Bracelets -- should probably be Destructive Bracelet as it is a singular item
  • Item: Seething Scraps of Cloth -- raid loot that should be Rec Lvl 65
  • NPC: a knightmare -- Plane of Nightmare -- bugged model
  • NPC: a swirling portal -- bugged model before being hailed (it turns into a whirlwind after being hailed, but before hail it is a nekkid human)
  • remove hell levels? seems like every 5 levels is extra large amount of exp 55 especially noticeable, a smoother exp curve would be nice
  • Add a journal entry / quest lead to the end of the Dream for Requiem zones -- e.g., The Last also says "Come see me again when you are powerful."
  • Message on PoHate boss kill (prior to killing the loot mobs) that indicates you must engage to get quest credit? Or some kind of pause/higher hp for the loot mob (seen multiple times folk slaughter the loot mob and folk miss out on the quest flag).
  • Rewrite AA descriptions to include non-secret info from https://forum.shardsofdalaya.com/threads/unlabeled-aa-and-tome-values.16524/
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