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Worn chillburn didn't work. I believe this was reported to Cole a long time ago.

Also, the eggs with +Evo and +Cold damage also do nothing from the same zone. LoIO


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Zone: Clicking on any door in Dreadfang Spire gives the "You see only your reflection." message, this should only be for mirrors that don't teleport?
Dialogue Prompts: High Trader Dreina -- still offers the prompt "[D2] About the spire on Frostfang Coast.. " after finishing that quest
Dialogue: Haryn Rehn -- Turns out experienced the same thing -- should be: Turns out she experienced...
Dialogue prompt: Yejhana Rehn -- ...before I can judge whether your actions were warrented. -- should be warranted
Dialogue: Yejhana Rehn -- my throat is coarse from the words -- should probably be hoarse not coarse
Dialogue: A Vaporous Projection -- ...useless trinkets compared to what which I can teach you... -- should be either "that which" or just "what" and not "what which"
Dialogue: A Vaporous Projection -- creatures here may scavange a few -- should be scavenge
Dialogue: The Guide (Hate) -- Talk to The Last and assist him in whatever he needs first. -- Unless The Last is a female-to-male transsexual.. pretty sure this should be "assist her" and "whatever she needs"
Quest: initial flag for thurg bounties is one character at a time -- this would be nice if it worked like all the other bounties and gave entire group credit on one kill.
Item: Cloak of Duplicity -- recently buffed, now has +skill mod to 2h slashing.. bards don't get 2h slashing, should probably be +1h slashing
Quest: Have a Cigar -- there's a part where you give Silver Crown Sergeant Kin (in Sorcerer's Labyrinth) a potion to gate home, if you give him a Potion of Origin, he gates and quest continues, but he also gives you back the Potion of Origin.
Dialogue: King Dalak Shadowhand -- (1) worst aspects of you southeners. To eager -- should be "southerners" and "Too eager"; (2) 'Everyone, lets get' should be let's; (3) dialogue prompt "The strength of ones self" should be one's
Dialogue: a traveller -- very little. Some more --- Very should be capitalized
Dialogue/Quest: Nevaldan Rehn -- after rescuing Shaylan (from Siren's Grotto), dialogue with Nevaldan indicates to learn more, one should talk to 'a traveller', then says she isn't here right now, but would be back, here are the next vah to rescue. However, she is in the camp. Either that dialogue is wrong or she's not supposed to be there until after the next set of vah are rescued. Dialogue is "Exactly. She isn't here right now, but she said she'd be back before long." Probably simplest to just change the dialogue to say she is there.
Dialogue: Ryhajin Kajek -- Living the lands of magic -- Should be Living in the lands of magic
Item: Black Rose Extract -- Rose effect description broken (bad string)
Dialogue: On finishing HFB -- You have successfully assasinated the -- should be assassinated


Archaics/Rituals: Change drops to be not-class limited? I.e., all dropped frags are now ALL/ALL and handed in to vaporous projection to get the class specific ones used for the box combines. Personally, I think even if drop rates were reduced, making frags ALL/ALL (and thus reducing the inevitable and disappointing rots from that one class you couldn't bring) would be a very welcomed change.
Quest: Silvercrown -- collecting Cyclops Warrior Clubs -- increase drop rate on these or amount required for the quest (currently 10) -- the current drop rate is ~40% from warriors, but they share their spawns with 2 other mobs -- for me there were 25 warriors out of 137 spawns, so the effective drop rate was only ~7%. Even if the clubs were 100% drop rate, the effective drop rate with placeholder spawns in account would be ~20%, which feels about appropriate (the next tier of this quest calls for collecting staves from the elders, which have a drop rate around 20% - and those mobs don't share spawns with anything else).


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Archaics/Rituals: Change drops to be not-class limited? I.e., all dropped frags are now ALL/ALL and handed in to vaporous projection to get the class specific ones used for the box combines. Personally, I think even if drop rates were reduced, making frags ALL/ALL (and thus reducing the inevitable and disappointing rots from that one class you couldn't bring) would be a very welcomed change.
yea the archaic drop chances are really frustrating for folks trying to break into the raid game. you're basically telling a new player that they have to either box ringers, or get friends to box ringers, or get folks to go help you with something that's extremely random. the yclist "____ of the old empire" can feel similar.

I always thought it would be nice if these quests had wildcard drops, which count as any missing piece. or it would be nice if you could turn in (2,5,10?) of any other page, to get the missing page. the RNG on these quests is brutal, and it'd be great if there was a release valve for farming it an insane amount and just having bad luck.


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yeah, it's kind of a design balance choice question -- personally i hate design choices that make players deal with rng for drops, makes it feel less like a player earns a thing. Give me something that is harder to get because its actually harder to get and not just rarer/you need good luck for.


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Dialogue: Brother Sortel --
"Lets say that" -- should be "Let's say that"
"Unfortunately been informed by Darima that, something is upsetting him." -- should be "Unfortunately, I've been informed by Darima that something is upsetting him."
"Yes I did, he should be here by now I don't -" -- should be "Yes I did. He should be here by now. I don't -"
"civilians in harms way" -- should be "civilians in harm's way"

Dialogue: Caretaker Kolsaz ---
"busy with my reseach" should be "busy with my research"
Prompt with Kolsaz -- "How, all I got you were those ferns." should be "How? All I got you were those ferns."
"A throw back to" should be "A throwback to"

Dialogue: Scout Leader Azzyk --
"getting to close" -- should be "getting too close"
"Thats the short" -- should be "That's the short"
"Meet me in in Refuge" -- should be "Meet me in Refuge" -- note: in Forest of the Fallen
Prompt with Azzyk -- "Lets not be too hasty" -- should be "Let's not be too hasty"
"No we'll have to" -- should be "No, we'll have to"
"fairly straight forward kind" -- should be "fairly straightforward kind"
"Usually most of them are off on patrol much farther north of the island than here, but they stop back here fairly regularly, and always have some scouring the area.'" -- recommend changing to "Most of them are off on patrols in the north of the Empire. But they stop here regularly, and there are always some hunting in the glaciers."
"two locations, Forest of the Fallen and" -- should be "two locations, the Forest of the Fallen and"
Prompt with Azzyk -- "Whats so important" should be "What's so important"
"Thats the thing, its pretty" -- should be "That's the thing, it's pretty"
"I'm sure they'll come a point" should be "I'm sure there'll come a point" or "I'm sure there will come a point"

Dialogue: Sister Borlida --
"Sortel, its time to start" -- should be "Sortel, it's time to start"
"go ahead with the operation.." -- should be "go ahead with the operation."
"once more in laymans terms" -- should be "once more in layman's terms"

Dialogue: Tactician Nazdrak --
"the supplys from" -- should be "the supplies from"
"to have Playername, deliver the package" -- should be "to have Playername deliver the package"
"While we do that Playername, will rally some of our people." should be "While we do that, Playername will rally some of our people."
"the regular people will have done the killing" -- should be "the regular people will kill them" or "the regular people will be able to kill them"

Dialogue: Master Kair`Got --
"we have sat by idly too long" -- should be "we have sat idly by too long" or "we have sat by too long"

Dialogue: Misc -- various refuge NPC refer to the Bloodied Quarry as the Bloody Quarry -- should probably change dialogue to Bloodied

Quest: it is possible to continue Silver Crown quests until the Sergeant rank without upgrading your Silvercrown Hireling's Pips (i.e., doing Corporal & Soldier rank quests without the actual rank), which leads to the interesting situation where you're told to hand in your soldier pips but don't have them (if you go back to heartlands and hand in your hireling pips to the trader there you can be promoted straight to sergeant however).

String: When you activate a tome, it gives a message of "You begin learning from this codex." and "This is your currently active codex." -- given the recent changes you made this should read tome not codex.

Loot: In Tasinath, Land of Bliss -- there are enchanted armor trash mobs (a viigilant wind spirit & an armored wind spirit) that currently drop pieces of platemail -- it would be nice to see them drop pieces of pet armor instead -- (there is a named enchanted armor that could also drop similar: Tshilakah the Warder).

Zone: add a zoneout from Catacombs to Eldenal's Mansion


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it would be cool if the early tier raid zones like land of bliss dropped entry level armor sets for new players or something. let the zones get some usage.
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