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I call these 'Dirty Eggs'

I start by adding a bit of worechestershire sauce, and spices to taste (I use something called 'Weber Grill Creations Gourmet Burger Seasoning'... stuff is great on almost anything) to a pan, heat it up and fry a couple pieces of bacon in it making sure it gets a nice coating of the sauce/spices. Then you set the bacon aside and pour out most of the grease (leaving just a bit for taste).

(if bacon isnt your thing you can skip that step and add some butter, margarin or olive oil to the pan instead)

Add a bit more worchestershire sauce/seasoning and let the pan get hot again. Shake the pan in a circular motion so the bottom of your pan gets a nice coating and then crack a few eggs on it. Cook eggs however you preffer, I usually cook mine Over-easy or Over-hard. Salt and pepper eggs to taste and enjoy.

It might take you a couple trys to get the ammounts of seasoning to add right. I would reccomend starting with a small ammount and working up, as they can come out quite disgusting if you add too much seasoning.

I usually like to make this in the morning with a thin steak cooked about the same way. Add a little bit of bacon grease, margarin, butter or olive oil to the pan with the worchestershire sauce and seasoning. Once pan is hot add steak, let sear for a second and flip to sear the other side while moving it around so it picks up the rest of the sauce/seasoning then cook it the way you like it. Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy.


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Man, wish I had thought of this.


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I know its been a while but new recipe, tested tonight!

Kiwi Salsa
Kiwis were on sale at the local supermarket and I thought... I've had some peach salsa, some pineapple salsa, but never kiwi salsa!

1 red onion
juice of 1 lime
4 jalapenos
5 kiwis
1 bunch cilantro

cube onion and kiwis (minus furry skin)
finely chop cilantro and jalapenos (roasted if it's not 1130PM and youve been drinking)
combine in bowl with lime juice
stir in cumin and salt to taste
let sit for 1 hour to spread flavor and spice (if you can)
serve on chips with beer (or whiskey if you are me)



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Oh I got a new one too

First, get some lamb shoulder chops. How many really depends on how big your skillets are tbh. My calphalon pans (they're fucking excellent) tend to only fit 2 medium sized chops. But they're worth using over the bigass pan simply because they're so so easy to clean. But I digress. Defrost that shit, toss some butter in the pan, then throw in the chops. Brown them a bit, should take you somewhere around 5min or so. Then season it (I'd recommend seasoning only a tiny bit first, depending of course on whether you know the tastes of guests you may be cooking it for, etc). Then brown on the 2nd side for about the same amount of time. Mix up some fresh parsley (chopped up of course), about a tablespoon of worstershire sauce, and a bit more butter (like 2 tablespoons) and some lemon juice (I don't add too much of that, it's really a personal taste thing). I also usually toss it all in the pan for about a minute on high with the ingredients and let it cook slightly longer.

Then you're done, and it's fucking good.


heres a good recipe ive been eating all week:

one tin of salmon, with hot sauce.

protein shake on the side for taste



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I made another tasty salsa last night but I am paying for it this morning!

1 ear of corn roasted on coals
1 habanero roasted
1/4 of an orange
1/2 an onion
handful cilantro
juice of 1/2 lime

cut corn from cob, seed and dice habanero, cube the orange discarding pith, cube the onion, mix everything in a bowl. have some milk on hand.


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pankakes by loxo

needs: lots of butter, eggs, milk, flour, honey, cinnamon and sometimes vanilla

eggs, warm milk, and flour in a roughly 2 : 1.5 : 1 ratio.

mix cinnamon into flour
separate eggs
mix yolks milk and flour
whip the egg whites with a fork until they're bubbly
mix in eggs whites
mix in some honey
mix in whatever else

the batter should be kind of runny, so add milk or flour if it's needed.
heat a small pan to medium, crepe size works best.
coat the pan with more butter than you think you'll need.
pour in enough batter to just cover the bottom of the pan.
turn when the batter on top won't run off when you tip the pankake up.
take your box of bisquick and chuck it out the door you lazy motherfucker.

these keep forever in the fridge, and taste just as good as long as they're reheated in the oven. If they stick to the pan wait longer to flip, or use more butter.

Good rolled up like crepes, with apple butter or jam or chocolate syrup. Maple syrup not so good on these.
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eggs should be enough. these aren't really fluffy, more like crispy outside softy and chewy inside.


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Tyrone's Pasta Salad:

The only things that are important to measure are the pasta and the liquids for the sauce, everything is is pretty much to your taste. I used a lot of vegetables when I made mine because I like a ton of crunchy bits. I also made a pretty large batch so I could take it to work all week in my lunches. This is a pretty simple recipe.

2 bags pasta (I used different shapes for variety, but you definitely want some sort of small, shaped pasta and not long noodles. Penne, rotini, shells, bowties, those awesome wagon wheel things, all work great)
A pitcher of ice water
1 1/2 cups mayo
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup rice vinegar
Bell Pepper (red or orange are a good choice for color plus green bell peppers taste funny)
Red onion or shallot
green onion
olives (sliced are probably best but i had some chopped ones that I used)
capers (I never used to enjoy capers until I had some nice ones that were straight up salted instead of being brined. When I went to the store they only had brined ones, so I just sucked it up and bought them. They are better than I remember, but I still think the plain salt-packed ones are best.)
black pepper
garlic powder (I think the powder incorporates into the dressing better, and I think i prefer the more cooked flavor of the garlic instead of raw in this)

First up, start your water boiling. Use a pot that seems way too big for how much pasta you are cooking. Salt the water. Cook your pasta for however long the package tells you to. Even if it says to cook them for the same length of time, don't cook different shapes together. I don't know if it's voodoo or what but it never works.

When your pasta is cooked, strain it, then dump your pitcher of ice water into it. When it's cooled down strain off the ice water too.

While your pasta is cooking and cooling, you should be chopping all the vegetables into little cubes that are called brunoise if you are pretentious and or French or watch the food network a lot. Give the capers a whack or too also, even though they should be pretty small already.

Whisk the vinegar, sour cream, and mayo together, and add salt and a shitload of black pepper. Stir in vegetable bits, and then dump this whole mess into the pasta, or vice versa. Stir it up good, cover it and refrigerate for an hour before eating.
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This thread needs more noodles.

**Alfredo Sauce**
-Kraft Parmesan
-Heavy Whipping cream for best effect. Half and half works as well, so does evaporated milk. Do not use milk, it gloops up the cheese.
-Butter or oil.
-Herbs: I use parsley, oregano, basil, italian seasoning.
-Minced garlic and chopped onion.
-Olive oil anywhere and everywhere!

I don't have measurements as it is easy to eyeball. If you can make mac&cheese without measuring cups...this is nearly the same. Use whatever type of noodles you please.

My quick single serving directions...(single sauce pan method)
Cook noodles al dente.
(throw fetticuine noodle at wall, if it sticks it's al dente.)
Put noodles in strainer and add butter to sauce pan.
Add the garlic and onion to the butter and sautee.
Add noodles.
Add about about 1/4 of a half pint of cream for half a package of noodles.
Add parmesan to thicken to taste / texture.
Add herbs salt and pepper to taste.

Note, the sauce thickens alot as it stands so I usually make it on the creamy side. I also like to add more veggies, sauteed. Mushrooms, yummy. However it can mess with your alfredo and make it hard to come up with a good off white color when creating the sauce in the sautee. I would recommend making the sauce and sautee seperately.

**Chicken Carbonara** (Fettuccine alfredo with chicken and bacon.)
-Boneless chicken breast
-Alfredo Sauce from above.
-Olive oil anywhere and everywhere!

I use a skillet, a sauce pan, and a big pot for the noodles.
The sauce pan can be skipped and just mix the alfredo into the noodles like described above.

Chop onion and garlic, anything else you plan on using in the sautee...put to the side. Chop chicken into cubes last for sanitary and health reasons. Put aside seperately. Wash hands.

Meat and sautee.
First cook the bacon in a skillet. Go for crispy as we will be crumbling the bacon. Afterwards, drain half the bacon greese and add cubed boneless chicken to the remaining. I like to cook the chicken to a golden brownish color. Drain skillet and chicken. (hopefully before noodles are finished) Add onions, garlic, butter and/or oil and sautee with any other veggies.
Return chicken to skillet and simmer / remove heat.

Start fettuccine noodles about the time you start your chicken.
(boiling with a few drops of olive oil keeps it from foaming up)
Cook to al dente, strain noodles and add butter right away.

Alfredo sauce.
In a small pot on medium to low heat, Make the alfredo sauce using cream, butter, parmesan, and herbs. If it is too thick the cheese settles at the bottom, just stir it up before serving. I use about half a pint of cream and half a normal sized parmesan as a start. We are looking for a nice creamy off white color, also add salt and pepper.

Plate of noodles with our sautee and chicken on top.
Smother with alfredo.
Sprinkle bacon on top.
Some sort of bread on the side.

Sounds good? I hope so, honestly I don't think I've made it the same way twice. But in theory and testing keeping the items seperated untill serving helps keep the textures in the overall product from becoming soggy from the sauce. Bacon bits on the top just really tops it off.
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heres a good recipe ive been eating all week:

one tin of salmon, with hot sauce.

protein shake on the side for taste


it's bad when the protein shake is for taste, most whey protein concoctions are horrible tasting.


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Poached Pears

I made this the other day, but its far from perfect IMO. It's not real poaching frankly, but still awesome. I think we stole this recipe from Anthony Bourdain at some point or another. It's still kinda a work in progress, but tastes great, and impresses the layman for how easy it is to make:

2 pears
1/2 bottle of Port Wine (I like this kind for this recipe)
1/2 small bottle of Black Berry Liqueur
1 tbsp Vanilla extract
2 Star Anise OR 2 Cinnamon Sticks (Depending on availability. Anise is better, but you need something else in there)

Serves 4.

Peel, core, and halve the pears. Set aside.

Poor the Port, the Liqueur, Vanilla extract, and available spice into a decent size pot. Bring to a boil until you can take a whiff of it and not get drunk (Need to boil away most of the alcohol). Reduce heat. Drop the pears in, and cover, allowing the liquid to reduce. Flip the pears often. Ideally you want the liquid to take on a syrup like quality. Remove from heat before serving for 5-10 minutes. Serve with a scoop of vanilla icecream, using the remaining liquid as a sauce. Deliciousness guaranteed.

And now for some drinks of the desert-y nature!

Impress your lady friends with the Love Martini (as seen at the Melting Pot restaurant)

1.5 oz Coconut Rum (Malibu had favorable results)
1 oz Peach Schnapps
2 oz Cranberry Juice
1 strawberry, sliced to look like a heart

Like any "tini" style drink, mix the ingredients, shake in a chilled shaker, to chill and avoid meltage (or if your lazy a shaker full of ice). The thing about this drink, is I don't like Cranberry Jice, or Coconut Rum much at all, yet still love this thing. The Coconut and Cranberry seem to cancel each other out, leaving a sweet, but not to obnoxious flavor.

Want something stronger and sweeter? The Caramel Apple Martini is for you! (As made by my local bar)

1-2 oz Vanilla Vodka (Depending on Strength, I varied it all night for the crowed I was with)
1.5 oz Butterscotch Schnapps
2 oz Sour Apple Liquer (I used a cheap Mr. Boston brand to good affect)

Garnish your class with some caramel syrup stuff crisscrossing for the full affect. VERY sweet, and deceptively strong if you make it so. I can't stomach more than 1 of these an evening, but some of the folks I was with drank them all night.
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