Upcoming Pet Improvements


Dalayan Elder
Pets are still totally squishy. I wish the tome that added AC to pets would go higher than 25%. I would do four ranks, all the way to 100%. Pets do not scale with the player in terms of tank ability minus a few extra HP with companion health which really doesn't help much at all.


Dalayan Adventurer
Persistent pet equipment could be fun, as in, rework pet gear, add new pet gear drops and rebalance it a bit and make pet gear manageable and last when you resummon the pet.


Dalayan Adventurer
Or just combining pet strength and health into 1 focus. Ranger class tome to add 1000/2000/3000/4000 hp with 2/4/6/8% spell mitigation. Add a “Companion Bound Health” from Logistician in Refugee/Murk that adds 25% of your hp to your pet. There are so many fixes for pets that could be done to help with survivability/play style.
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