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Could we get forest of the fallen easy goblins added to this list? just got done farming them forever and realized they're not gonna drop an opus. difficulty is probably around group 2


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i mean i slightly agree? but theyre also kite-able like the overgrowth plant-life which is considered group 1


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Could we get a more recent update regarding opuses? Is MielechD a thing? Is that everything in tears of elael? Have there been any tweeks since the last update? Thanks


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I'm not adding Opuses to Forest of the Fallen Easy goblins, too easy relatively.
I can confirm opuses can drop in everchill and MielechD.


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Also where in everchill do the books drop? I farmed orcs for about 5 hours with no books, but that could of been rng.
I've seen them from every type mob group in EC except the tentacles. They may drop from those, too, but I have only killed a few of them.


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Animals in remnants would be a good one for rank one like OG plants.

Maybe have the kos animals be rank 1.5?


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Actually more zones in general in the rank 1 and 1.5 would be amazing, OG is getting too congested.
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This is a fantastic change. I haven't played SoD in a long while, but just read patch notes from the last year or so. Looks like its come a long way in QoL department!

This change is way better than anything I suggested here
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