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Tuesday and Thursday raids at 8pm est can get boxy at times.

If you are a dps/healer and want to learn/loot stuff in silent halls and are atleast t11 msg Ekyu#3194 on discord or just show up and ill try my best to fit you into the raid (quite a bit of rotting loot).

You can keep your guild tag idc about that. +++dkp if you have a sword of the razad.
i made this post and then 4/5 ppl who hadn't been showing up started to show up again.

ill revisit this in the future as bodies are needed.


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If people feel like continuing raiding I'll carry the torch for a bit. Assessing how people feel within the guild, then will give an update on recruitment.
Raids resume Sunday, July 12th. If you're interested in joining PM me on SoD boards or @ tevinter#2303 on discord.

Will post more specific recruitment needs after raids start again.


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Looking for a holy paladin. It is likely that you will never tank a raid boss outside of the most extreme of circumstance, but you'll have a raid spot as a healer in conduit mode and as a guy who can press final judgement. There will also be some undead fights where you get the opportunity to dps.


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Definitely could use a bard. As always if you're exceptional and looking to play, don't be afraid to contact me.
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