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A bunch of people have shown interest in fighting monsters for the new and exciting shards of dalaya season 1. The majority of us have spent entirely way too much time playing this video game and being able to play it in a different way is kind of cool.

There is really only one truth to this game and that is if people want to push buttons things will die. With zero expectations other than expecting people to check it out for a bit I'm going to try to offer a place for people who want to raid in a restricted environment the chance to do so. What class you want to play or who you hate because they stole your one loot or one mob that one time don't matter. Bodies matter and if you're a body then that is a step in the right direction.

If we end up having enough to raid regularly it will most likely be a 2 or 3 night a week schedule that will be ironed out based on what the peoples wants and needs are. It could also end up raiding a lot more than that who knows? Life is mysterious and nobody can gauge how much nerds show up.

When i run raids/guilds loot is typically just thrown at everyone because we get too much of it. I am the loot council myself and if there are problems they are typically discussed among everyone so that there are no longer problems.

If you're interested you can dm on discord/here or other nerds like Tevinter/erude are typically around to get my attention.
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Looking to bring together a strong group of individuals who are willing to do what it takes to kill the few unkilled mobs that are already in game as well as new content as it is released. This includes but is not limited to; willingness to play other toons to kill harder fights, drop alts and potentially rot a loot to get the fights killed, sit for a target if you mess up repeatedly and are the cause of wipes.

Currently need most classes/roles to fill out the roster but not looking to stack too many of one class to the point people consistently have to sit. Mains will obviously have raid priority however if you wish to main a secondary toon for purposes of farming content that has been beaten to death feel free to let me know your needs. Motivated people who want to play outside of raids are highly appreciated.

Regarding raid days and times, looking to do 3 raid nights a week with an early raid start 5-6pm EST Sunday raid as our main raid night. The other days and times will be more solidified depending on the guilds needs/availability.

Loot will be handled by myself mostly with opinions/discussion about it done openly with the raid and not in a closed off channel. People will sometimes feel cheated and it's hard to please everyone. However, doing it openly will hopefully minimize those feelings.

If interested feel free to pm me here or to try to get a hold of me in game, ask tevh/kaldon/fendyr/yuttas if im not around myself on Lleoc/mousekon/tipikaele. And on that note I'd like to add that I intend to main my monk and cleric with emphasis on my monk.

Can you give me a detailed list of the loot I will be getting first dibs on?


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I'll also be playing a monk in this guild and boxing/playing whatever characters are needed to get the job done. If you have questions or are having trouble getting in touch with someone you can pm me on these forums or contact any of the characters listed in my sig. I'm looking forward to breaking into new content, and you should too.


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I want to see exotic Ikisith, the crown jewel of Dalaya. I want to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture...and kill them. I want to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill with my main Kedrin and sometimes my alt Fendyr. This is obviously the place to do that. Let's go kill some new stuff together friends.


I can swing this in a week or two once I get some more shit done, can play sk/druid/bard and box anything that's not a cleric or an enchanter.


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I have a level 39 warrior who can tank for this if possible but please don't ask for info to box him i don't share my password because its dangerous to trust internet strangers.


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There is a lot of loot out there and when you look at the fomelos the people don't have it because they are babies.


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Sir the proper term is babby. I have always had a dream...where 18 toons start off every raid encounter by clicking their Lure of Elements clickers in unison. I have a dream.


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updated current needs to fill out single clients. we're good at boxing this stuff but its more fun to do the new stuff with more people who are competent.
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