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This guild has pretty much went to shit and falling apart, we have to box nearly everything and mobs just don't die. I know it's not the best thing to try to recruit people into a dying guild but if a main cleric or wizard wanted to maybe see some of the end game before the guild dies feel free to talk to our guild recruiter oeso/stahp/ekyu. (ordered by amount of loot recieved)
translation for all of you like zake. /tell lleoc/mousekon/tipikaele/tevinterer/beroker/rekoreb/ringa for a guildinvite if you're a cleric or a wizard and you dont suck.


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Zake is an odd name to bring up here. Especially in the context you establish in the next sentence.


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I'll play Zartul and chain cast sharnree hat if emzur buys me a charm and grahf shares his crayons.


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plus i just logged and accidentally ruined zartul's erudin faction by accident so i can't buy you a charm sry.
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