4.3 Loot balancing!


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What t13 characters have 5 abyss loots? I'm gennuinely curious here, because I couldn't find any.

My bad. The most I found was 4. Most tier13 characters average only 3 loots from this tier 10 zone

Can't forget what we don't know. Not like everyone on the server has Jraul info.

That's debatable lol. And you can just fomelo him and add the buffs for yourself..


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Can't forget what we don't know. Not like everyone on the server has Jraul info.

You don't need to load Jraul to know that hp and mana was drastically buffed in 2.5.

I think we are all saying it is probably ok to slightly nerf this item WHEN higher tier content comes into the picture. Robes are not going (or shouldn't) really make much of a difference when the new content is below the tier/difficulty of monsters that we are already fighting.

But really, everyone is talking about this nerf, when really we have no idea what kind of nerf it is (just reducing the AC to the same as custo bp for example will make it useless, damn shame for how hard they are to get. Even if resurgum has been insanely lucky in acquiring quite a few, in SV we have seen two in several years, one of which walked away)

On the flip side, if the t12 content in the new zone drops a BP, why should it be any better than custo BP? And also there are people who don't have robes and have been playing forever (looking at Zorr, among others). It's just not an item everyone gets, on a highly contested long respawn monster that drops one loot (and a weapon that rots a lot) and used to be and should still be hella rare.

When zone testing is done for this new zone you better take like dragonkin there for balancing, because if SV and resurgum don't steamroll it (robes or not) then something is wrong.


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Can we talk about this? Seems people forget that a character like Jraul has about 15,000 hp

The staff knows about this, but I can tell you I couldn't walk through Emberflow soloing all the mobs before 2.5 and I can do that now which is crazy.


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lv 65 warrior mostly max tomes and gear LFG for cmal 4.3 robe claimed by me

Well I for one would love to help you get a robe(if I played), you were always a cool dude that I enjoyed playing games with. No homo.


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4.3 robe isn't getting nerfed, spell ac conversion is. Even after this goes in, everyone and their mother will still be able to kill all of the content because #2.5

I am shocked to hear that no one has stepped up to kill hardmode blazewind yet. FWF was within spitting distance like 5+ years ago (we did actually kill it once but obama took our loot away).

Maybe it's time for FWF v69.420?


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Blazewind is kind of a stupid mob depending on who you raid with because a large amount of players lag out during the last phase. Not sure why but it is pretty unfun, in the last guild i lead however EVERYONE lagged out and well the server in general was laggy as all hell. I'm looking forward to putting attempts towards this but yale is up first.
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