Tracking skill directional messages not displaying


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As title of the post states, my druid's tracking skill directional messages are not displaying (the skill itself seems to level up just fine). I tried resetting all filters (both ones in the Alt-O menu as well as the ones in the chat windows themselves) and zoning several times after the fact. No dice.

Any suggestions?


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I just tested it and it works for me:
You are using the tracking skill and then selecting a creature from the list and then hitting track on the list right?

I checked to see what filter it goes under; it is under 'Skills':



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I would not have been able to watch my skill go up to max in the main chat window if 'Skills' was shut off. I'll completely repatch again tonight and see if it is still busted


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I checked again tonight (life's been crazy, hence the delay). It still doesn't work. This time I was looking at/attempting to use the list in Northern Badlands (initial tests were in Erimal and Warrens). The skill can still level up just fine, but there are no directional messages indicating how to get to the desired target.

I did 2 full patches before logging in today (just to make sure). 'Skills' filter was definitely showing (was able to see skills increasing in level...including tracking itself). I don't have any chat windows that have, for whatever reason, become unaccounted for either.

Any other suggestions aside from "it works on my box"?


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1) Train the tracking skill


2) Set the tracking skill hotkey

3) Press the hotkey

4) Left click an NPCs name

5) Press track

6) Make a new window

7) Have skills go to the window

8) See track go to window?

9) Make sure the skills text is a visible color

Beyond that I wouldn't know what else to help with.


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My being away from the game more this week than usual does nothing to dissuade from the following fact: I am (in this case) an idiot.

I was only clicking on the mob in the track window and not hitting the 'Track' button.

It all works. Just forget I said anything!...please?

Thank you all for your replies, and I'm truly sorry I wasted your time.
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