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this thread is a whole bunch of cringe, sad I decided to check back to see how things are doing


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I'll make it simple... corruption in order
1) jumbers
2) Kestrella
3) Nwaij
4) Rari
5) Rymy
6) taryth
7) Wold

Edit: Oh wait is that just the current list of GM's in discord? I feel so disconnected...
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pretty surprised theres be no staff response to this thread or the other one pertaining to the same topic.

There was. It was bad news.

"The Staff chat can be very circlejerky at times, and run full speed with blinders on. I don't actually know if I would go so far as to say they actually made this decision because of some kind of competition reason though. But I kind of doubt the actual reason is any better. I dipped out before a final decision was made, but even at that time I didn't like where the conversation was at."

Pretty much admitting rule 11 is out the window. We have more than a lack of transparency, whatever the real reason was it's obviously different than whatever was posted in the "explination" thread.

The people that care and create and should be in charge are all gone or might as well be because their content can't be released. The people that should have no power rule unregulated. RIP SOD. You could have been a lot better.
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