Returning player after a few years


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Hey all, I haven't been on Shards since 2013/2014ish.

How is the game these days? Population still way down even though it's on EQ Emu now? P99 still stealing all the players :(? I hate that. This game is so fantastic...Also, I don't see how anyone has time for corpse runs on p99, ugh.
Can you still use a modern copy of everquest like I used to or do you need EQ Titanium now?



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I saw 150 online last night :)

The Devs are working really hard on balance and bugs, but also on new content.

There is currently 1 unbeaten mob that I know of, and there is 1 mob that has only been beaten once so far.
New treasure map level's "total loot list" was just found a few days ago.

As I understand there is also a lot of work being done on the early levels, new Adept mobs being introduced a lot lately, and there is also comments about class balance on these earlier level's, that the devs are taking notes on.
(I don't touch the earlier level's my self at all, but a few ppl in my guild seem to think it's super fun).

So yes, SoD is a very active and a very much a live server, welcome back :)
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