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  • Val was parked by the Farhag boss in ToT, was unsure if I should move him as he was facing a wall that would have placed him out of LoSight but still able to track. Regardles I needed to have some fun in Citadel, so Val got gated out :p
    "Farley" svha3 usual password I have moved to where Val gated from, so if you need to track then use Farley instead as he isnt KOS to most tarhyl stuff (just the flame thingies in Farhag wing). I doubt it was you that parked Val there but just to be on the safe side, as I dont like to gate people out of zones they are in. :D
    Leave a copper coin on your cursor as a signal so I know not to gate you out in the future, but in general I wont move any toons unless they can easily gate back to where they were camped.

    BTW the whole Farhag wing what clear at the time I wrote this message.

    Hope all is well, Laters.
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