Remembering those we lost in the Purge of '09


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Techies wins games son. You are a game. Techies wins you.

How does it feel to be owned by 3 little goblins?

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League play is a joke. I havne't played dota in about 6 months, but do hella people still insist on plying -rd and -em? lol

Also, if you don't blow ass, having an AoE 6 second stun that you can plant, and get another down before the stun breaks is just rediculous. Not to mention, if you're actually playing hard you can do about 2450AoE damage in a matter of seconds. Combine with pretty much any other AoE setup ftw.
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Nah, I said it was a joke because other people are bad at dota and blame everything on the heroes. Which suprisingly is one of the reasons I prefered -ap over -rd, as i'd much rather let the other team pick whatever the fuck they want and then play over them having limited options. Of course, XXXX hero is overpowered will still surface, but that's kinda unavoidable.

P.S. Don't run! WE ARE YoUR FRIENDS!

P.P.S. I miss the good old days of sent vrs scourage for fun.
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-CD, -CM


-RD if you're just doing a TDA and bored.

-AP is shit
-SD is shit
-anythingEM is double hyper mega aids shit


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Agree on -em

I quit around the time -CD and CM were implimented so I haven't really tried them too much, iirc I liked one (where you could like veto heroes or something?)

-RD blows

-AP is awsome if people are talking shit
-SD is fun for pubs to try new heroes
-ARDM ' '
-I'm still really glad they renamed SM to EM.
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other heroes get huge AE stuns also and aren't otherwise useless against semi-decent players like techies is :<

techies can extend a game and give your carry time to get insane, but that's about it. it's a hero that relies on your opponents to be bad or at least unprepared. if you want a stunbot, pick rooftrellen.


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12 seconds of AoE stun is something no other hero in the game can match.

Countering a good techies is much harder than you would think, not to mention in order to even slow a techies down you have to blow money on TS items, effectivly giving the team the techies is on a gold/item advantage.


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I really don't know much about MQ2 but what sorts of advantages can it give you in a non-pvp server.

I imagine the non-blatant things are maps, bots, and not having to scout zones for named.

I can't imagine these people were running around #killing mobs?

In a totally unrelated to the subject but related to the thread note - I have a lot of HoN beta keys available to those who have at least dubious grake faction.

@Cinn: I thought HoN was just a shiny DotA but after playing for a while I can't imagine playing it on the game on any other engine. It's far superior to the WC3 engine. Give it a chance!

P.S. LOL at the people who cheat on a blue server - I understand cheater nerdrage in a PvP situation but when you have to cheat to beat the computer you might want to consider a different time sink!

Edit'd for conciseness: All of you saying you are good at DotA/HoN are probably bad.
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