Remembering those we lost in the Purge of '09


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I dunno. I have respect for the many who just said "good catch".

Only one so far is downright saying it was never on his computer. We are doing all we can to look into it but thats not saying a while lot.


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oh, i believe honesty gives you maybe a little more "respect" when caught cheating (or anything illegal for that matter)

but to them, caught red handed or not...people stick to their stories.

its like on 'cops' when they find crack in the person's pocket, "that aint mine. these arnt my pants!"


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It's funny, the Star Wars Galaxies emulator just had a big fiasco over speed hackers tripping the anti-speed hacking thingamajoo and causing EVERYBODY to constantly warp back every couple seconds when they were trying to get anywhere. After quite literally like, 2 weeks of debate, with some calling for a 3 strikes system (3 strikes, then perma-ban), and others calling for a sort of tiered jailing (like baseballs anti-steroids rules), and yet others calling for a zero-tolerance policy, it was finally decided to ban them as soon as they are caught. These were hackers that weren't just cheating on their own, they were literally affecting every single person on the server in a direct way making the game practically unplayable.

I tried saying something about SoD and the zero-tolerance policy there but my internet was being wonky and I couldn't post anything. Needless to say, I fully support SoDs attitude to cheaters/hackers and the completely inhumane and merciless way in which it is implemented, regardless of who gets caught (ie no favoritism).


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I know I'm late to the party, but I had always suspected the patcher would check for this. The cleverness employed has surprised me in a good way.


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I think my civil rights were violated. How dare they put a packet on my computer. Even worse, violate my right to secrecy, um, I mean my right to privacy, by detecting which cheat programs are on my computer.

I am calling the ACLU today to report you guys.
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