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DISCLAIMER: Please borrow responsibly. Be gentle with these characters. Don't do anything on them that you wouldn't do on your own personal account. I've invested a great deal of time and effort in this project and I'm putting my trust in our community!
Welcome to Project Grin, where you can borrow a number of characters groomed and prepared by me to help take down adepts across Dalaya!


  • What is Project Grin?
Project Grin is a collection of characters that have been raised to specific adept levels. These characters have been explocked, guestlocked, and outfitted with rudimentary gear. They possess all spells up to their current level. Specialization points and deity selection are already taken care of. Their primary purpose is to serve as community accounts for others to access in order for more people to get enjoyment out of Shards of Dalaya's unique adept mobs. All of them have names that begin with Grin-, hence the project name!​

  • Who can use a Project Grin character?
Anyone who wants to join in the fun of adept killing! Maybe you're only single-boxing and would like to be able to contribute a bit more to the fight. Maybe you have a high-end friend who would enjoy reliving the adept experience alongside you, but they don't have a character of their own at the right level. Whatever the reason, these characters are for anyone to use.
  • What classes/levels are currently on offer?
Project Grin currently offers Clerics and Enchanters. These characters span levels 1-30, covering every adept from Rabb the Rat to Goretusk.​

  • Will Project Grin expand into more classes/levels in the future?
Yes! Paladins for levels 1-30 are currently in the works. Higher level Clerics may also be on the horizon, though this is yet to be determined.
  • Can I use [character X] for a different adept than the one s/he is designed for?
Absolutely. There are instances in which a given character may prove useful on more than one adept. For example, Grinaryth (the level 25 Cleric designed to fight The Spectral Hunter and The Wind Hag) is equally useful against Huntfang (the level 26 adept); another person can log onto Grinoopy (the level 26 Cleric) for the Huntfang fight, allowing for twice as much community bot support!​

  • May I use one of these characters for purposes other than adept hunting, such as grouping, questing, or buffing?
Yes. However, please note that these characters are explocked and guestlocked; therefore, their utility beyond the adept scene may be short-lived for such purposes. Should another person ask to use the character for an adept fight, be courteous and either log off the character or go to the fight yourself.
  • May I contribute [twink item] toward a Project Grin character?
Generally, this is unnecessary. Project Grin characters have been outfitted with top-of-the-line crafted gear, expable Adept loot, and other various equipment complete with augs. However, if you feel strongly that a certain item will be even better for a particular character, either post here or send me a PM to discuss what you have in mind. Please avoid twinking a character yourself in-game, as that character may already be awaiting a better item from an Adept, myself, or a fellow contributor.

Note that these characters all come guestlocked, and if you do plant an item on them, you won't be able to get it back unless you contact me in this thread or by PM!

  • How else can I help?
Because I have leveled these characters rapidly, some may lack maxed skills in melee, spellcasting, meditate, or other areas. If you're feeling generous with your time, feel free to log onto any one of them to check their Skills window and see if there are any important ones you're in the mood to raise (e.g. Alteration for healing spells, Defense to increase AC). Any help in this area is much appreciated. If you do decide to contribute in this way, post about it here so I know whom to thank. ;)


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That's all for now, folks. I hope people get at least a little use out of this project. If you have constructive criticism or a fun story to share involving your own use of Project Grin, please post below. :)

DISCLAIMER: Please borrow responsibly. Be gentle with these characters. Don't do anything on them that you wouldn't do on your own personal account. I've invested a great deal of time and effort in this project and I'm putting my trust in our community!
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Good job man, this is a very cool idea.

Edit - Only on SoD would something like this be possible. That is why I love SoD.


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I'm really glad to see some positive feedback from this thread already! I can't wait to hear even more from adept groups getting real use out of Project Grin characters. So far, I've tested the characters' mettle against (I think) 6 adepts since I first initiated this project, and they've come out triumphant each time.

i wanna do tanks.... anyone wanna donate some armors? mithril sets?
That would be a huge help, assuming you're serious. :p After a bit of chitchatting with various players earlier, I thought I had decided on doing Cleric (heals), Monk (DPS), Enchanter (rarely seen utility), and possibly Shadowknight (tank, obviously), though not in any particular order. I'm already bent on the Enchanter idea, so just don't go starting on that class! (Grinkmeats is already at over 350 mana despite missing 9 slots as the level 1 Rabb the Rat ENC!)

I demand Grinwaij the level 52 cleric! Make it happen Grinkles!
If I manage to get up to those numbers, we'll see! (Why 52? Special spot in your heart for that mean Froglok?)

EDIT: By the way, starting tomorrow (fingers crossed!) some nice gear upgrades are going to begin trickling in for the Clerics. I can't wait to beef them up a bit so they can contribute even more toward the fights. :)


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Awesome Grinkles! Do you mind if I add this info to the guide I am writing?

Also let me know what else you need for a team, I love leveling things to lvl 30ish hehehe.


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Cool idea and an obviously big time investment. How you don't have a job working for this game is beyond me because your contributions are nothing short of awesome.


Where is Grinkovician?


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Here's an idea... why don't you 'adopt-a-grin' ... if it's named after you, pass it some gear/money/clickies/etc.


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Just had another successful adept run involving Grinartax (12 ENC) and Grintali (12 CLR)!

So far, the toons in this project have successfully faced off against:
  • Rabb the Rat
  • Grikk the Reborn
  • The Beetle Queen
  • The Mist Stalker
  • Angar the Sand Lord
  • The Fleshflower
  • The Spectral Hunter
  • The Haunted Treant
It feels great to make sure these low-level adepts see more action these days, and I can tell the other groupmates have had fun. People get even more excited when I tell them I don't want any of the loot. Lol. Unfortunately, I'm the one who's been at the helm for these kills. I'll be thrilled when I start seeing others take advantage of the login info! ;)

In other news, the Enchanter fleet is shaping up fairly well. Their gear is non-existent for the time being, but that will change eventually. I'll probably roll the Angar (level 14) Enchanter later tonight...
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