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Listed below are all the slots currently in game that have a chance to proc an effect when a certain requirement is met. Each of these are how they happen but each item has a set percentage for how often it will go off.

Breast Plate - When you get hit with normal melee damage. (currently also works for ae's)
Feet - When you kick (all of the monk kicks do apply)
Hands - When you are attacking with your bare hands. (also dragon punch)
Bracer - When ever you cast a spell.
Primary - When you attack with your main hand.
Secondary - When you attack with your secondary weapon or when you use the skill slam. For shields it happens when you bash.
Ammo - When you attack with your primary or secondary weapon. (excludes arrows and throwing weapons)

Figured this should be somewhere on our forums. :cool:
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Oh god thank you. I've been wondering why the proc on my gloves wasn't going off. If this isn't in the ToK then it deserves a mentioning there.


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afaik bracer procs only work on same type spells. So detrimental bracer proc only procs on detrimental spell casts. And beneficial bracer procs only on Beneficial spell casts.

edit: I suspect that bard songs do not proc bracers at all. (yes, I have a bard with a proc bracer, ok? It has never gone off.)


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khador said:
does tail rake go under punching or kicking? i mean.. its a tail...
It's the Iksar equivalent for Dragon Punch IIRC but not 100% on this.

Also you might want to add, that bracer procs are spell dependent - some proc on benefical spells, others on detrimental spells.

Temellin is right, shoulder procs work on slam but I can only think off one item that even has a shoulder proc and that's not usable by any classes that get slam besides rogues (who have backstab on that timer if I am not mistaken).


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I'll do some testing to see if slam really does proc off hand unfortunately I don't know of a shoulder item that has a proc on it to test that as well.

Ok not sure about the shoulders but i just got Patriarch, Sword of the ruler to proc on a slam so if its possible it does multi slots then maybe but if its set to 1 per skill then its definitely secondary.


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Mantle of the Scorned from Tmaps is a shoulder item that procs Inner Fire. Rng, Shm, Rog usable IIRC.


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Tempus said:
Do bard songs trigger bracer procs?
Bracer procs only proc on a real spell, and only if you're actually casting said spell. (so they won't proc from songs or clicky items)


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Mythryn said:
Bracer procs only proc on a real spell, and only if you're actually casting said spell. (so they won't proc from songs or clicky items)
oh rly

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