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Hi folks,

I used to be a player here back around 2005-2007. Recently I've entered back into the EQEmu community developing/running a couple servers here and there.

Since I'm still a huge fan of the work put into SoD, I wanted to share a possible graphic update for those who use the old elemental models. If interested, I can share the global_chr.s3d file. All four elemental textures are pulled from existing EQ textures from Luclin/PoP era so maintain an older feel. Air ele is a dragon skin, water ele is water texture from PoTranquility, fire ele is the same as the fire golem, and earth ele uses the luclin earth ele skin.

I also have a modified version that will let you see the brown skeletons over the white skeletons if you ever come across a old model skeleton, and have modified your global load to show such.




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Thanks for all the feedback, glad you guys like them.

Any GM/Dev word on if I can post a link to the file here, or if I should do it through other means?



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Awesome, here's the file with the brown skeletons included.

Make sure to make a backup of your original file should you ever want to go back.

If requested, I can make an alternative file that will let you keep the white skeletons along with the new elementals.

I mirrored this here for everybody in case they don't feel like messing with zippyshare or for the eventuality that this link will die.


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These are quite appealing, Reppots. I have noticed an issue when editing pre-Luclin textures, namely that whenever I try to do even the slightest edit to a .dds file and then convert it to .bmp to overwrite original textures, my game crashes upon login and the entire .s3d file is rendered corrupt. These textures look to be simple extract-convert-rename cases. Are they? Or did you tinker with color balance, saturation, etc. along the way? If you've found a way to incorporate and convert edited .dds textures to .bmp format successfully, I'd love to hear how you managed it. :)

I ask because there are probably a few minor improvements that could be made to these if you wanted to take it even further. For instance, a better source texture could probably be found among the newer EQ zones for the air elemental as long as a person had the option to desaturate, lighten, or colorize the image.

I am tempted to make this default. What do people think?

If my own Elemental had a head--and therefore functional eyes, he'd be weeping right now. :dumbsad: (But honestly, these are nice!)



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Hey Grinkles,

You got it - simple renaming. With this project I set out to only use existing textures without modification.

I honestly haven't even tried to edit the .dds files, and was surprised that renaming them to .bmp (unedited) worked fine without any real conversion. My technical level here is still quite basic though. Your original texture editing post was what interested me in experimenting with this, and I don't know much more than what's in your post...hehe.

Nice gnome elemental! That would be a fun texture pack - gnome texture on elementals, and elemental textures on gnomes. It would have to come with a script where your pet spams you with /tells to pet attack, and keeps trying to cast reclaim energy when you don't...
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