Nature Bane


Dalayan Elder
So I view this from the monk rogue perspective, and as such this is probably a little weak for an S&R topic, but I feel like a few items could use a bump as far as nature bane goes. As is, outside of maybe building an item through hunts, for these two classes, there are mainly maybe 3 realistic options (realistic mostly meaning worth wearing at the tier you're able to obtain them) that all top out at bane 6. The next bumps up (that only one guild in game can kill) come from new content or from Prime Twins, both of which sit at just over twice as much at 13. Other classes have a small handful of options, but I feel like maybe two or three of these items could use bumps up at least to bane ranges of maybe 7-9. Faefang Necklace used to be considered pretty rare, but sits at only 4 bane. HH ring 6, Conglo shoulders 6, etc. For monks and rogues, there's nothing viable over 6 (at least that I'm aware of) until the huge bump later. Those 3 items could use a small bump, or at least a bane to bridge that gap could possibly be added to a couple other items? I could make specific suggestions of anyone cares, but I'm guessing they probably don't, lol...
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