Graphical Lag into Latency


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A player was experiencing high latency in Yclist; copying my own graphical settings then reconnecting to the server seems to have addressed their latency. (This is with all the Piranha spawned in Yclist)

I suspect when the client begins to lag graphically it negatively affects client latency. Perhaps this is why it affects some and not others. Below are my settings. If someone is ambitious and wants to A/B all the different settings, perhaps it can be narrowed down to a particular adjustment. I am also in windowed mode. I suspect it is more pronounced when in fullscreen.


Will follow up after feedback from a raid scenario. This also may address multiple trouble spots (Silent Halls, Blaze Wind, etc)


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Using the same settings, with a GTX1060, logs are off, and I can't do anything until I'm at the last part of the map (PE door)

If I cast a spell it goes on global cooldown for a solid 30secs - 1minute.

Ping is constant at 150-190ms (the usual, other zones I have no issues) and PL is at 0%


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Just to add; This kind of lag happens to me (and a few others) also on Blazewind last 10%, HMALB and Thaz Guardian fight (for upper key) for an example.
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