Final Push for Raid/Group Testing!


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I believe we are just about ready to put the raid/group changes live. I'm pretty comfortable with raids at present (except shared mind, which will be the very last fix), but I made a ton of changes to groups this week. In particular, groups should persist through linkdeaths/quits, etc. rather than kicking the person out. The should also always keep group leaders as the F2 target except when /makeleader is called - you can force an update by zoning or using /cm grouprefresh.

So to get this final round in, I will hand out fame to the first person who can bring me a given repeatable bug. Bonus points for quality of the submission, including exact steps to reproduce. The offer is still open on raid testing as well - if you haven't claimed two raid loots from it, you are free to do so up until we release the changes live.

So please help us finish out testing! I'm hoping for the 12/10 patch to put this in, but we need all testing completed first.


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Not sure if this is still in.
Step 1: Log in a cleric
Step 2: Log in another (monk for this example)
Step 3: Group monk and cleric together
Step 4: memorize runic: celestial well on cleric
Step 5: cast a celestial well on monk
Step 6: wait for well cooldown to end
Step 7: cast celestial well on the monk's celestial well
Step 8: zone the monk out of current zone (gate, zone, camp)
Step 9: Crash zone


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I've bug reported that a few times. Unrelated to raids and grouping on live/test. Happens with wells on temporary pets, etc. as well.


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I've used that bug around 40 times to farm my fenrik wrist pieces. Once i was finished i bug reported it. Unrelated to raids and grouping on live/test. Happens with wells on temporary pets, etc. as well.

Thank you for making sure shards is a better place to play when you log out from when you logged in. We need more people like you interested in helping.


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We had another set of folks test groups, I am hoping they are stable enough at this point, going to roll them into the 12/10 patch. Yes, I know about the well thing, that's gonna be fixed as well as shared mind still being terrible and crashy. Both those should make it in for the group/raid fixes.
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