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Meant to inform people about bugs. Feel free to post other bugs and I'll add them to this. Don't post exploitable bugs. As things get fixed I'll try to remove them from here.

Zone bugs:

  • Fixed via patcher? The Arena -- non-Titanium installs use the new zone files, making the zone impossible to exit -- fix here
  • Fixed via patcher? HMal B -- some non-Titanium installs will load you into Neriak Palace instead -- fix here
  • Fixed via patcher? Sea of Swords -- some non-Titanium installs fail to load this zone -- use these files to fix
  • Fixed via patcher? Eastern Plaguelands -- some non-Titanium installs fail to load this zone -- use these files to fix
  • Runnyeye to Deepshade zoneline -- can warp you into the wall, shrink/illusions/evac are all helpful as is moving slowly towards the zoneline and using /rewind
  • Zoning from Cyclops Gorge to Whisperling Forest will occasionally zone you to Runneyeye (this bug predates 2.5)
  • Red Sun Peaks -- mobs aren't on the ground where they should be (floating in the sky often)
Item bugs:
  • Worn see invis effects do not work
  • dropping multiple items in the same location will eat them
  • dropping items near a ts container will eat them
  • auto-looting multiple items w/ no inventory space will eat them
  • using the bandolier will occasionally eat items (so don't use it)
  • swapping an item with a stack of ammo actively used bye /cm autofire will eat the item sometimes (predates 2.5)
  • the [PRISTINE] tag only shows up on items when first looted (and disappears after zoning) -- the bonus is working serverside
  • Vendors buy things for 10% higher price than 2.0 (buy price isn't being affected by faction)
  • food quality tags (e.g., This is a hearty meal) are all showing up as lowest quality in the client (long lasting food does last as long as it should however)
  • multi-charge items (e.g., medical kits, some tinkered items) only have 1 charge when added to a players inventory
Merchant/Trade bugs:
  • Player to player trades can't be initiated after using a merchant (duck/stand to fix)
  • Merchant inventories don't update correctly after buying them (if you are buying items from a NPC that it bought from a player, close and reopen the merchant window between purchases)
General Spell bugs:
  • Identify not working (does not provide item lore information)
  • Trying to use a clicky before required level will lock out spell bar til zoning/refresh
UI bugs:
  • Text from some books gets cut off mid-page: fix here
  • Worn ATK does not show up in player stats (works serverside)
  • Stats/Resists do not update immediately upon buffing (one can swap in and out an item to display correct stats)
  • filters from /filter need to be reapplied after zoning (as long as you update one of the categories all others will apply)
  • Mana bars will occasionally show as not full when they are full (/cm stats shows current mana/max mana)
Encounter bugs:
  • Temple of Elael third boss (non-2.5 bug) -- killspawned
  • Traek Jr (non-2.5 bug) -- killspawned
  • Blazewind -- randomly lags people (client desyncs) in the final phase
  • Custodian -- have seen similar random lag problems to BW
Class bugs:
  • Cleric: the AA enhancement for Celestial Renewal is an activated (null spell) ability
  • Mage: pet shared crit from spells broken
  • Rogue: disarm traps broken, /s 8 (uncanny dodge) broken
  • Wizard: Fury of the Ashes does not enhance lifeburn and instead summons an Allegiant Familiar
Raid/Group bugs:
tl/dr general fix: if the raid/group looks wrong it's faster to just completely destroy and reform
  • Using the /makeleader command will change a group leader, however if the former leader attempts to disband it will destroy the group for everyone but that toon
  • Toons will sometimes be invisible to other players, /cm refresh fixes this
  • Occasionally the party window will show you as still in a group after disbanding -- have someone else invite you to a group to clear this.
Quest bugs:
  • Dialogue from some quests is missing (i.e., [D1] prompts will show up w/ no accompanying text) -- /bug report it and hope the wiki has the text you need
  • Murk TS vendor / not working
  • The portal North Newport newb pal/clr shield quest trials will occasionally fail to port on multiple attempts
Graphics bugs:
  • golem skins aren't correct (strat leaks -- this matters for some encounters in Sanctum) in non-Titanium installs -- fix by removing glm.eqg and placing glm_chr.s3d (from a Titanium install) in client directory
  • song animations don't work on song casts (clicky casts of songs trigger animations)
  • skeleton models do not animate (unless Luclin human male model is turned on)
Misc bugs:
  • can't skill up alcohol tolerance via drinking
  • collision is much "stickier" than in 2.0 -- you need to have distance between your toon and a ledge you want to jump up now rather than being able to jump right next to it
  • HP pools are ~10 - 15% bigger (seems like hp from items is being effected by AA/tomes as well as the base hp calculations being different)
  • Can't switch targets while casting spells / do much of anything else (technically this may be a feature of the client)
  • The "aggro bug" -- occasionally toons will be unable to gain aggro on anything in a zone -- zoning, reloading client, and dying have been noted to fix but ymmv
Fomelo bugs:
  • not accurate on AA
  • items not showing lore tags
  • not accurate for HP / mana pools (generally higher numbers in game -- the formulas for both have probably changed)
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Trial of Althuna quest in North Newport the port in will frequently not work especially if second time through(quest dialog states that this should be able to be done as often as required to complete the whole event).

Attempting to use a clicky before reaching the required level will lock out spell bar til zone or refresh.
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