Character and Account Management.

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The following are a few rules and guidelines to help you understand the Account Management Utility on the main page.

Character Transfer:

01/01/2014 It is no longer necessary for you to be a donator to request a character transfer. You must own both the receiving and sending accounts and must prove that you own them by sending an email either from the registration email or the poa email.

If no email is registered or you no longer have access to your registration email, you must prove ownership prior to requesting the transfer and have a poa email set for you.

If you meet the above requirements you can either petition in game OR send an email to [email protected] with Character Transfer in the subject line. In the body of the email, the following format should be used:

Name of character:
Current account:
Account you want them moved to:
Reason (if you are making an exception request):
I assure the SOD staff that the character and the account it is being tranfered to are both mine and that I am not using this service to sell or give away a character,
<your name here>

Please note that in order to have a character successfully moved to a new account, the new account must have been logged into all the way to character select at least once, otherwise the server does not consider it eligible for a move.

Account Restoration:

If you know the email address under which the account was set up and can access it, then follow This Link.

If you do not have access to the original email address under which the account was set up, you will need to set up one of your own email addresses as a "Power of Attorney" email address, with which you may be able to use the account management tools.

To do so, email [email protected] including all relevant information including references, original emails, IPs, character history or anything else that will allow us to verify you are the original creator of the account.

Note: We *never* change primary emails on accounts and those without access to their registered email can only change their secondary email to themselves. Any use of this to "sell" or "give away" characters will end up with a sudden inability to log in.

What if I want to use PoA to designate 'legal' access to another player?

Due to abuse, this is no longer allowed.

What happens if I play a toon that I did not create?

We do not recover any accounts with lost information that you are not either the original owner of or have PoA rights to. If more than one non creator/poa party claims access to an account (and we verify that both the have played the account recently) the account is put into dispute. This means that the account is completely locked from both parties until the original owner can be contacted.

This means if you have a guild bot who is not registered to anyone currently active it is in your best interest to contact the original creator and have them give the password to the account to only one person. If someone changes the password of the shared bot it most likely will go into dispute. Disputes will still be overseen by the GM staff and exceptions might be made - but this is *not* something you should count on.

Also please be aware that attempting to abuse this policy for means of revenge or griefing will, as always, be dealt with very harshly (this may include banning).

Character Restoration:

Requests for character restores may be submitted through the Character Restore Requests Page under "Account Management" on the main page of the forums.

You can use this link to request a restoration of a DELETED character. If your character shows up on Fomelo, then DO NOT submit a character restore request. Make sure you fill out the page completely or else your request may be ignored.

Good reason is required to have the character restored. Restoring a deleted character is not a simple procedure. If you just deleted a level 5 toon from which you forgot to remove some chain armor, don't request a restore.

Be aware that we keep heavy logs of character restorations. We'll probably do a restore for an individual once, but a second one is a big red flag to us. The process of restoring a character may take some time to complete. In cases of difficult restores (those which have no specific date set for restoration, those from WR days, etc) it may take a month or two. In fact, if the character was deleted more than 6 months ago, there is a very good chance it will not be recovered.

If you have multiple restore requests, please request each character individually so we can keep the requests logged properly. Failure to do so will result in ignored requests.

*Disclaimer: Character restoration is an at-will service that provided by one staffer (when he has the will), and is in no way guaranteed by the staff. This service could be suspended at any time and for any reason and in selective cases, for any character. If you don't want to wait: start a new character.

*Edited and Compiled Feb. 21 2010 - Allileyn


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Updated Policy: Character Transfer (4/15/15)

Awhile ago, we made character transfers more accessible to folks. This is ONLY for accounts owned by the same person - you are not permitted to transfer characters from one person's account to another. Please see the above post on this topic.

Due to the flood of requests, and the fact that these are low-priority for us, we need to limit the amount of attention they currently divert. As such, you need to do the following as of 4/15/15:

- Email as above in Character Transfer, but CC [email protected] since I can handle many of these
- DO NOT PETITION THESE REQUESTS unless it's Sunday 11am - 1pm central. This sounds ridiculous, but it's the only time I can dedicate to looking at them right now. All other petitions on this matter are subject to deletion.
- If your request is not urgent, please just wait for the email to be processed.
- Petitions on Sunday will be processed in this order: people who have followed the right process and have validated POA emails to Taryth, followed by people who can send (but haven't) said validated emails, and lastly will be those who do not have the ability to validate email. The latter case will be handled on a CASE BY CASE basis - if I have no way to reliably validate that you own the account, your request will be denied, period.
- For folks who are not available during this time (such as Euros, sorry folks), you need to either wait for an email from the admins or submit your info as above and try to hit us in IRC.
- PLEASE DON'T REPEATEDLY BOTHER US ABOUT TRANSFER REQUESTS! They are very low priority and we tend to get annoyed when people ask us 5 times a day for a move. Submit your info and ask on Sunday if you want the best chance of getting it resolved.
- Remember ALL TRANSFERS are at our discretion. If we have reason to suspect you don't own an account, your request will be denied. If you rage out or become a nuisance, not only will your request be denied, you'll find yourself in jail.

This is designed as a courtesy thing for players, and we have limited staff. Please do your part to make it as easy as possible.

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