Best design in SoD?


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The other day I was thinking about the Cold Pants out of Plane of Frost, aka Head Pants. They are so funny, putting pants on your head, who came up with that?! Amazing :rolleyes::D

It then got me thinking, about all the great design there is in SoD, items, spells, zones ect.

Obviously one could think that great design is what ever get used the most. Athica neck? Traveler's Boots?
The item/aug that most people have, or working to have. The quest augs, Vah, Charm?
It could also be what is desired the most. 4.3 Robe? Rohk Diamond? Jyre?
Could also be what zone is mostly visited. First Ruins? Prison? Eldenal? Athica? Erimal? Emberflow?

It could also be what you think is most balanced, or most OP. Undercity risk reward seems to be very balanced, not alot want to go there, but still it happens, could be Taeshlin drops for general Best in Slots more or less all drops.

Could be the deeper stuff, game Lore, spell balancing ect. Inogen keeps asking me about the Vah lore, what I think about the Traveler. I'm on my 3rd, and have nearly 5 completed, yet I have no idea, but he seem's to think its really cool.
I'm very impressed with the Necro Runic 2 design, bundling old spells, due to how giving the necro more dots, could get out of hand quick...
I have heard many Wizards praising the Primal / Ultimate design; I forget who, but he sayd "It has to be the most sexy mmorpg thing ever!".

I am curious, what do you think is the best design in SoD?
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I like the newbie beastlord quests in Halas, vah, adepts, ring of supreme vengeance, bounty hunting. I like the necro/wiz tomes that return mana. Beastlord class revamp makes them look quite appealing now, they have a really cool pet (I think my mage is jealous because they mimic everything, even procs), good stances, good tomes, and their pet focuses seem easier to obtain than mages'. Also enchanters are really cool.


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An epic moment for my brothers and me was killing the beetle queen with fresh level 12s.

Deepshade was also fun exploring the first time, falling to my death on the fake bridge.

The lore for the end of the main quest was like finishing a great book and not being able to wait for the next.


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I think adepts are sweet, and the armor quests are nice. But in my experience, the treasure maps are what have kept me playing the longest.


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I am just gonna list inique stuff to SoD, or was unique at the time.

A main quest
Bounties (rewards should have been expanded, but like Tmaps, a great method of recycling content/zones)

How tradeskills provided augs, keeping them relevant once the gear was very obsolete.
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