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Gathering FAQs and "bugs" here for people to find quick solutions to things.

Q: How do I play 2.5 beta?
A: See the thread here. https://shardsofdalaya.com/forum/threads/installing-2-5-beta.29831/#post-302519. Characters were copied over beginning of September and should reflect their state as of then. We will be doing another copy soon.

Q: Cons are different! What the heck is a gray con?
A: In 2.5, green mobs still net you a small amount of exp. Gray cons do not. Furthermore, the client interprets cons a little differently than the server, so this is going to be a bit of a change. For example, a level 68, which cons red to a 65 in 2.0, will con yellow in 2.5. That said, from a server-side calc perspective (resists, max levels, etc.), it is considered a red con. The client reports it as a yellow con. I'm hoping to resolve some of this discrepancy eventually, but it may just be something we have to live with and/or adjust mob levels for.

Q: Zone names are wrong!
A: Make sure "Bypass DLL Injection" in the patcher is NOT checked. This option will be going away anyway, but the new client has a DLL that must be "piggybacked" onto the client to overcome issues such as not handing mobs stacks of things, zone names being wrong, petitions going to Sony, etc. :)

Q: I can't hand stacks of things to NPCs!
A: See above, this was a limitation of the client which we found a clever way to get around, but it requires the piggybacked DLL.

Q: When I put something in a tradeskill container in inventory (like a sewing kit) it disappears!
A: It doesn't - it's an annoying feature of TS containers. You need to click "Experiment" which treats the container like the ones we are used to. There is some setting in Options (whose name I forget) that allows you to have all containers open in Experiment mode, you probably want to set that. We may make that a default eventually.

Q: I can't zone into a particular zone.
A: Some zones still have performance problems, effectively causing a timeout. The result ranges from freezing on zone to not being able to load a character to getting 20k'd using a gate clicky for the zone. We're working on resolving this. Commonly affected zones include: GFay, Remnants, Dreadfang Spires, Citadel.

Q: Some models are wrong. Some look like humans embedded in the ground.
A: Some of the models have changed and we need to make those adjustments. For right now, just pretend that's a tree instead of a little human. :)

Q: A recent feature (BL/monk changes, Spires flagging, etc.) are not in game!
A: We are about 9 months behind in patches from live - we're rolling those forward and those changes should be on 2.5 very soon.

Q: What about new content?
A: Do not expect new content on initial rollout, though we will have new stuff once the game is up and stable.

Q: Where can I find the latest updates?
A: I am trying to post the fixes to the main SOD news page.

Q: How do I report a bug?
A: PLEASE use /bug in game. It's the main way I am sorting and prioritizing bugs at present - I read it every single day.
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