[2.5] At first glance


Dalayan Pious Diety
HP (buffless obviously)
10423 = HP in 2.5
9002 = HP on fomelo
1421 difference (13.64%)

Mana (buffless obviously)
9907 = Mana 2.5
8664 = Mana on fomelo
1243 difference (12.55%)

Right click uses 2 charges and only summons 1 arrow.
It should only use 1 charge and summon a full stack (20 arrows)
These quivers now have 20% haste on them. Perhaps from the bow haste they would give in live? Not sure if it works.

Companion Health Items
Tenacious Shoulder Wrap will spam me when ever I do anything. Even pick an item up, and again when I put it down.
"Your Tenacious Shoulder Wrap shimmers briefly."
IIRC that is the message from a Casting Speed Increment item.

Casting spells
I get the "shimmers briefly" after every spell cast from the following:
Itraza, Whisper of Freedom probably from Range Increment VII
Bracelet of Rending Shadows probably from Mana Conservation VIII
Collar of Mystic Zeal probably from Healing Increment VII
Tenacious Shoulder Wrap probably from Companion Health VIII
Supreme Charm of Valor probably from Runes of Supremacy

Run speed
Run speed seems to be slower? Maybe I am just crazy?

Foresight (Ranger Class AA)
Broken. Gives the message "Ability spell not found."

Flawless Crystal Mail
This item now has 7% haste on it.

Othmir Fish Drying Stone
This item now only summons one Dried Fish when it use to summon 2.

Xi Valla Kah, Gown of the Eternal Empress (4.3 robe)
This item gives ZERO 0 AC in game. Might just be a display error?

Right clicking a tome I already have completed will simply tell me "This is your active codex" other than telling me I have already completed it.
Tomes that you are working on appear to be finished (max exp bar) in game.

Soulbond is targetable.
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Regarding the unexpected haste displays and lack of arrow stacks:

Years back, I decided to reuse some narrowly-utilized item fields for different purposes, namely 1) to act as a scaling factor for chest proc rates (our original "system" had the maximum chest proc chance at ~2%, which wasn't sufficient when I decided to make spell-reactive-only chest procs a thing), and 2) to allow the "Produce" spell to summon different items in different stack amounts based on the item being clicked, rather than requiring separate spells for each (considering that we were limited to 5000 client-aware spells total at the time). In both cases, I made use of the dedicated "haste" field that all items have, since it was meaningless in any case where the item didn't have a worn effect of "haste", and in both mentioned cases the spell slot would necessarily be taken up by something else. (And the client didn't display anything based on that field, unlike now.)

This probably isn't necessary anymore -- there are a lot more item fields, and more ways to accomplish things. It's not fundamentally necessary to reuse existing item fields in the first place, since these custom effects are purely serverside -- but as it stands all the item fields are just the ones the client is aware of, adding server-only fields that aren't sent to the client would complicate things a little bit. (Plus, I didn't know what I was doing at the time and making the database changes required would have been too much.)

tl;dr those will need to be changed some way.


Dalayan Elder
I certainly had the same feeling that run speed was slightly lower, but also seemed that swimming is now faster. Maybe I just need to lay off the alcohol though.
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