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  • hello sorry for private message, i was wondering where i post on forums where only gm's and or staff can see, i dont wanna post my info on the wrong spot for the whole world to see again
    Hey i wasn't sure if you had the power to or not, but i posted a topic in class/gear i mean't to put it in suggestions, so wasn't sure if that was bad to do? If it is i'd like it moved please, or deleted. Thanks.
    Hiya Z,

    First off thanks for your hard work. I was wondering if at all possible would I be able to get my PW from an old account. It is Clammness a lvl 65 druid that is mostly a track/port bot but I would love to have it for my chanter. My chanters name is Clammie as I have tried the account recovery but cant remember the email I used for it. I was almost certain it was [email protected] but that didnt work.

    In the past you helped me out with some old characters like Hukks as those where my first guys in SoD.

    It is no rush as it is just my box for chanter as I could use other druids better tiered but when grinding with chanter I rather use my guy for the exp.

    Rich Speidel
    i do not know where or who i should talk to but i am trying to get user and pw for 2 old accounts i had here a few years ago. I have recently started playing again and noticed they are still on fomelo but i can't see to remember their access info. The characters are Ryts a 64 frog warrior and styr a 65 halk elf druid. there are some lower level toons on the account to help identify i know what i am talkign about. Saidoz, a 21 troll BL. saidozia a 13 iksar necro. and rysta a 11half elf rogue. you can email me at [email protected] if you have any questions

    thank you
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