XBOX 360 died...


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Grrr.... my XBOX 360 died this morning from the so-called "Red Ring of Death". It's warranty is expired too. No more Halo 3 with my friends... no more movies... grrrrr.

Instead of replacing it, I think I'm gonna get a Playstation 3 - it sure would be nice to play some Blue-Rays on my HDTV.


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Buy a RRoD X-clamp repair kit from eBay. It's an easy fix that takes me about 20 minutes from start to finish. No need to buy a shitty PS3.


Dalayan Adventurer
ps3 was my best purchase last year. My kids love the blu-ray movies. I dont really use it for gaming much but the few times I have its been pretty nice. My brother lives in las vegas and Im in Milwaukee, WI and playing on my crappy wireless connection off my ps3, its like hes in the same room as me. Kinda fun :)
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