Wildkin Spirit vs The Spiritwalkers


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These are the Quest Lines for Barbarian Beastlords and Shamans respectively. Started at level one, lasting to about level 20-25. They both require the same exact items for each step along the way, the only difference is while all the peices for the Shaman seem to have been updated into an expable item, the Beastlord's pieces seem to stop at gloves for expable. So far of the pieces ive collected, the Tundra Wildkin Sleeves and Tundra Wildkin Shoulder Guard are non expable while the Shaman's are(Glacial Spiritwalker sleeves and Glacial Spiritwalker Guard). I dont know if this was intentional or if it even matters.

Edit: Ive now gotten every pieces for each and its astonishing how much better the Shaman gear is compared to the non-expable Bst gear, even when fresh and not exp'd. Beastlord vs Shaman. Beastlord gear needs a slight boost for sure, or made into expable
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