Wiki Game


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Go to the wiki.

Click 'Random Page'.

You must:

Get the item.
Complete the Quest.
Kill the Mob.
Do the Tradeskill/Combine
Travel to the Zone

If you get to a spell, ignore it and reclick. If you get to a quest that you cannot complete because of faction/diety etc reasons, reclick. Also if you already have the item, or if there is any other reason it is otherwise "impossible" to complete, reclick. Getting a mob/boss or item that is over your current tier is not a reason to reclick. If you get an adept but you are already over that level, you need to reroll a character and level it up, or if you already have a character of the appropraite level, and do the adept.

Don't cheat and keep clicking until you get one you like/easy/etc. Post results.
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Hey, maybe you can actually find out what that is and where it's from!



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I'd like to point out that it is a Great Axe and the wiki has it labeled as a 2hb.

I guess it's not very sharp


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If Nwaij legitimately got his on the first click, that's pretty funny.

And you win nothing Oozu, it's a boredom thing. If you want cookies send a direct unsolicited tell to ADMIN-TAO any time.
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