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White Tees is looking for more players to join our ranks. We are a family oriented guild that like to have fun grouping/questing, and raiding things once in a while.

We currently raid several times a week, and are doing Tier 7-9 content.

Please vist http://whitetees.guildomatic.com/ for more information. You can contact any White Tees member you see online, but our officers are Groli, Marshak, Kraun (aka Oggof/Thorlash), Leoice, Methril, and Dizel.

- Recommended level: 65 with basic AA’s. We currently raid 2 scheduled days a week. But do hold instant raids from time to time.
- We meet at the fire pit at Sadri for events, so working on and completing the Sadri Neck Gate is highly recommended.
- You should have your Main Quest completed.
- We depend heavily on the Ventrilo voice chat system. It’s pretty important that you do too.
- We are a guild of friends and good times above all, so membership will be awarded on the basis of how we all get along with you more than anything, although level, playing skill, quests, etc. will also play a part in this decision.

All classes are closed for recruitment except the below!!!!

Kraun - Officer of White Tees
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Updated, breaking into Tier 5 content and are now Giant aligned.

We could really use a knight (sk or pally) to round us out.


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We currently only need 1 cleric and are goign to be breaking into Tier 6 targets soon.

All other classes will be considered if they are exceptional people.


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Updated needed classes.

Our guild has recently killed GotSS and will be doing Outer Prison soon. We have also killed Duke Thanes in Mercy and our guild is progressing very quickly.

Shoot me a line if you think you are the right fit for us.



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Updated main post. Looking for a main cleric and druid. Around 6k mana, and has their ornate armor, as we are farming prison.

Please send Kraun a tell or message me, refer to main post for website and requirement info.
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