What's Cole Working on [as of 2020-3-5]


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I had a question about this, so I will elaborate.

There will be three static mobs that you interact with (undecided how the player does this as of yet). With that you adjust the global multiplier plus or minus 10%. This adjusts all mob melee damage, mob HP, cash drops, mob spell damage, and experience gained. (This will probably last a duration? or be static and just report the amount to players zoning in, allowing for a reset from any node)

Ill give an example of one individual mob mechanic:

Nuking a servbot antagonizer with a disease nuke will heal it for 10%, increase its melee damage, radiation limit, and add flat platinum and flat experience to the final on-death base amounts. These final amounts get multiplied by the global multiplier (as does the increase in melee damage and radiation). So the deadliness of a mob begins to scale quite fast. These values also reset when the mob drops combat (so that players do not make unkillable mobs)

So, the fights will be a bit more involved or simple depending on the groups goals. I think this interaction should make experience a bit more enjoyable.


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More updates on 6-man dungeon.

Zone will include global multipliers that players can use to adjust zone respawn rates (-30% to +30%), and increase and decrease difficulty, rewards, and experience (-30% to +30%).

Individual mobs will also have mechanics that players can interact with to strengthen the mob, thereby also increasing the difficulty (damage/health) and rewards (exp/cash) on a fight per fight basis.

These two mechanics scale multiplicatively.
this sounds very cool and i can't wait till my dumb ranger is high enough level to try it out
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