What classes do the GMs/Devs play?


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I didn't really see a forum for this so I posted here.

I'm always curious when I play a game as to what classes the guys who run it play. For some reason that's really interesting to me. I remember Aradune on live and some of the live lore surrounding his ranger character. It was kind of cool. Just wondering if they all tend to play the same class... is it a mix... will I find books or tomes in game that mention them... are any of them legendary figures in the game... etc.


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i am a legendary figure

oops meant to say my main is a mage and i have also played a warrior, a druid, and a bard to 65
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gm and dev's characters are just regular character like any other and what classes played are pretty spread out, with most every class being represented.

Myself I play most classes except rangers.


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I mained a rogue, and played a wizard, a cleric, a bard, and an enchanter at 65. I had most other classes in their 30s.


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I have had one of everything, leveled a Wizard, Mage and Beastlord to 65, played about 3 tomes worth of Paladins, and boxed various things on raids.


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Main a Cleric ... hate it.
Box a Warrior ... hate it.

Probably the two classes I hate the most.

Have a Mage and a Ranger, like them both, just never get the chance to play them.


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My main character and his class shall remain forever a secret.

Mostly because he's in mothballs and never gets played. :(

I've leveled a Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Paladin, Wizard, Rogue, and Bard to 65, and have been known to play my wife's (now mostly retired) 65 Druid, Shaman, Monk, and Enchanter (not so much) on occasion.

I have most other classes at much lower levels.
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