War Mobs on the Home-Front


Dalayan Elder
Since the war event rarely takes place anymore, would it be a considered to add in these mobs to Kazulian focused areas/zones (LoIO, BQ, murk/FoB near the gates, Citadel, EJ) to be spawned by rust code?

Would be neat to spawn Bonetower off the golems in citadel or in the LoIO fort, the hero of the empire making a visit to tour his fellow kazulians throughout the empire, or finding Srilsa hanging out with other lowlifes on the cliffs in the emerald jungle.


Dalayan Adventurer
that would be super cool. there's a few loots I'm interested in in from the war, but i have'nt seen one in what feels like several months.

even alternate ways to spawn mini-wars with single regiments of units in a name at a time, or something like maps that spawns limited run wars. just anything with them would be cool :)
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