Veteran EQ player new to Dalaya


Dalayan Beginner
I normally don't bother with hellos on forums but I've been welcomed so nicely be a couple of players that I thought I would thank them publicly.

Thanks to Ziarre/Cabria and Manos for going out of their way to give a complete newbie a little boost.

To the rest of you, my play style is usually geared toward soloing or duoing with my exwife (yeah, well nobody said EQ players were normal) but... I love to help out so when I get a few levels under my belt feel free to ask Serif the paladin or Enas the druid for help. If I have time, I don't mind providing support on quest tasks. Even if all you need is a little buff I really won't mind running out of my way a bit to say hello and toss a bit of mana your way. Hello and looking forward to playing with you all.
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