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This game is a waste of great coding.

How does it feel to know the current staff took an old as fuck engine, invigorated with unique content from its OG dev staff, , and just rammed that shit into the ground.

Good job.


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Why are the only posts I am reading so negative? Aren't these forums moderated?

I come and check these forums every so often, and it is just people bashing the staff... Sure over moderation can be a problem- but this crap shouldn't be what people see when they first log in.

There was just an account drive from what I read... and these type of posts will hurt more than the account drive helps. At least do what the old timers did and throw this garbage in a garbage section.


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I think just randomly coming back and posting you think things suck is weird but to say players can't be concerned with the direction of the server lately is also short sighted. 3 devs (and two decently active ones to boot) stepped away from the game in the span of a month, it's concerning for a lot of people who don't want to see the game just go back into stasis again. The radio silence is even more concerning, we don't exactly need a play by play of everything that goes on with the server by any means but it'd be nice to at least hear 'hey we hear your concerns and we're thinking about it'.

There also hasn't been an account drive yet, it was apparently in the works.


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Good way to spew good thoughts its what do you like and what dont you like and why dont you like it, how would you like to see it?
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