The Deviants (Level 22 Adept Encounter in Storm Sea)


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A quartet of odd-looking individuals has risen to infamy lately. Here's an artist's recreation of the scene as described by an eye witness:

Bar patrons report that the group, led by what seems to be a Wood Elf Shadowknight, broke into a brawl at a local pub in Southern Newport due to some kind of philosophical argument. The Newport Guard got involved, but the party of four slew all the guardsmen who attempted to subdue them. Authorities say they were last seen skulking around the docks, though one thing is for certain — they're no longer in Newport...

The Deviants are an adept encounter in Storm Sea designed for characters level 22 and below. They carry some strange loot, so give them a try while you're still low enough!​

Thanks to Marthog and Draist, wiki documentation of the encounter has already begun.

If you encounter any bugs with this encounter, let me know the details via DM either here or in Discord.

Happy hunting!
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