Temporary Illusion Buffs


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Can Temporary Illusion Buffs (Somatic Bond, Avatar of destruction, Moon Chimp (Lycanthropic Bond) ) Please return the buffee to their origional model state when the buff wears off?

Example: we were doing rohk and the door frame is a little tight for trolls. we shrunk the troll, cast moon chimp, and he reverted back to troll after. we tried gnome illusion, then chimp. it made a small chimp! but then when it wore off, he was big troll.

Example 2: I shrink myself, shapeshift as a croc for tiny model. Somatic bond myself for cascading bond (also, does cascading bond work with Lycanthropic Bond??). once SB wears off, i revert to my naked self, not my illusioned state.

It would be amazing if previous illusion state and shrink status was returned after casting an illusion buff on them. it's a huge part of chanter dps for a raid, and some people really like their illusions. they get them for size on encounter, vanity etc.

bonus points if it can be made to stack with existing illusions insomuch as it works on them. I have rangers in wolf form or froglok clickies, or various other self only illusion clickies that i can't cast chimp on them.


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Dunno what's up with it, but the skeleton (not drybones, just basic skeleton) I cast on myself persisted through SB/ AOD. but you couldn't use moon chimp on it because it's a greater illusion.

also, it seemed to persist through death and I didn't soulbind it.


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@defixio The effects of grow/shrink spells should now reapply after an illusion fades. There may be some unforeseen quirks with this change, but overall, illusions like Somatic Bond should be less annoying from now on.

Let me know if you observe any bugs with this change.


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This seems to have completely unworked itself. at least in windstone last night, every time i did lycanthropic bond or SB on any of our fat boys, or myself. when the duration ended we were decidedly unshrunk.
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