Starting fresh for the hell of it.


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I played way back from like 05-09ish? I dabbled on the live server TLPs for a while since. Just bored with it all and wanted to revisit this game since so much has changed. I may be able to bring some friends if I can convince them.

But yeah, I was Shoken - druid. I was in my early teens when I played. I've kept up over the years on patch notes and all that out of curiosity.

Not sure what duo I'm going to make yet, but it'll probably be something I can at least steady grind with without other players until I can get some friends on (or meet some other adventurers!). Anyway, here's to sticking to it and looking forward to the grind.


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Hey there! I'm also looking to return to SoD and roll some fresh characters. Will probably start today. Would be great to link up with some others starting fresh. Are you planning on rolling seasonal or non-seasonal toons?


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I went seasonal! I only rolled a barbarian beastlord so far. I was going to get him to 5-6ish and a druid to 5-6ish and unite them. Beastlord is only 4 so far but I've been putzing around gathering stuff for the guild quests. He's Gorjak! So if you see me on feel free to shoot me a tell!


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Awesome! I am newer to the sever as well. I have a few (seasonal) and non seasonal characters. Add me to friends and I would love to get some groups going etc.
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Awesome. Happy to see some more people joining the server! I recently came back as well (maybe a month or two ago). If you see me around in game and we are around the same level feel free to reach out for a group! (non-seasonal)

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