SOD's RAM problem


Dalayan Adventurer
found out recently that the client is having issues crashing due to running out of RAM. if you have crazy amounts of ram this still applies to you. The client as written and due to a historical windows 32-bit limitation has a 2GB limit on the ram it can use per client. In practice it can crash at 1.5GB to 1.8GB used. SOD uses enough models that this limit can be hit, particularly so during zoning. if you are having crashing problems I suggest disabling Luclin models if you have them enabled as these alone seem to take up around 400MB of RAM. there are some alternate fixes for the issue but they involve either painstakingly messing with what loads globaly/locally finding a perfect balance or modifying the exe which may present legal issues.


Dalayan Adventurer
I know the live client was eventually modified to extend to 4gb of ram (sometime in 2016 iirc) so that may be another avenue to explore.
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