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Well, I know its purely a visual thing... but I've come up with a replacement to the default box with SOD that shows up as the basic Shards of Dalaya icon for your desktop shortcut.

Wiz, or anyone else who might wanna take a look at it, I can either link a picture of the icon here, or if you want lemme know where to send the .ico file for you to look at on your end.


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Sorry about the delay, had an issue getting the image to save without going all wonky with the transparant layer. So...I cheated and just did a print screen and uploaded to photo bucket.


Old Icon:

New Icon:
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Thanks! If the right people see this, hopefully it can be passed along to the top or someone who can do something with it.


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If the powers that be like it, I'll go ahead and do up the icons in the different icon sizes for the different windows and other OS's that run SoD.

Until then, don't wanna go overboard until I know this is a design that the "powers that be" approve of and like.

EDIT: Meh, screw it... take a look at the full set.

Icon 48x48

Icon 32x32

Icon 16x16
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Might need a little tweaking. Perhaps different color font so the letters are more legible, or additional background texture so there's more contrast between the icon and the letters. It seems that if anyone had a dark wallpaper (like me), the letters would be a lil hard to read.


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The old one might be ugly but its a tad more functional than yours current incarnation.

The text needs to stand out a lot more. ATM where the text crosses in front of the transparency will not fly on a lot of darker desktops.

Also I am not sure if the blue globe idea really goes with SoD. I can see North America...

That being said we would be more than happy to replace the SoD icon. Hell - no one will disagree that the current one is ugly as sin. That being said this icon just really is not the theme that we are going for. If you wanted to do something similiar to the front page I would be more than happy to throw a few fame your way and smack it up.


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All right, lemme see what I can crank out. Give me a bit of time. Seeing as I'll be working on this, can I get the okay to shoot you a PM when I'm finished with a version 2.0 concept?


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The icon should definatly be a moose wearing a wizards hat. :haw: or maybe a castle or a mob of some sort. make the lettering bold though.


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VERSION 2.0 of the Shards of Dalaya Icon -

Shards of Dalaya Icon - Large View

Shards of Dalaya Icon - 48x48

Shards of Dalaya Icon - 32x32

Shards of Dalaya Icon - 16x16



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the green text kinda gets lost in smaller views on the blue triangle. Maybe giving it an outline would help? Im not sure.. but something...
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