Sihala aug


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Could the Sihala quest guys get a * version.

The named version of a sister of sihala is down. I noticed that in tarhyl all the guys got a * version.

Just searched for the name of the sister and it is:
Sister Sonderlia


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Thought I had her on a 30 minute timer. If another GM is in game (i'm incapable atm) please spawn *Sister Sonderlia.


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Thanks for the spawn as I'm partly doing this on behalf of Ratkon. We were indeed waiting for the * version to pop. It is I believe a common problem with a few nameds that have an actual raid version - from the top ofmy head Clockwork.
If it was possible to really have a working script making a * version spawn after 30mn in this type of case, it would be awesome.


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she was down yesterday and when I logged in today she was still down or down again. So the 30 mins dont seem to work


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This is still a problem in Plane of Earth, took me a few days to find the * version of the sister. Currently I've been waiting 2 days for a * version of Aiwen the Old.

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