Selling Superb Quivers to order! Only 800p!


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That's right, folks, for the low price of 800p, I will happily fill your order for the Superb Quiver of your Elemental or Bane choice! Just send me a PM with what you want and I'll be happy to work out an arrangement! Large orders happily accepted! I have a serious need for some mind-numbing tedium, so I have nothing better to do than make tons and tons of quivers!

I will probably be on the road a lot tomorrow, but I'd still love the chance to spend 3-4 hours a day racing into the brick wall painting like a Carpal Tunnel! Order today!


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Why do people need any more proof that tarutao hates players. Im just kidding dont ban me you tradeskill masochists.


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Assuming no miss clicks and that you are holding ctrl correctly on my current bag layout.

Haha! I love that you counted. I was only estimating.

Of course you may have figured out some trick to reducing clicks that I haven't thought of...


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Seferon, quit hijacking my thread!

Also, I've quickly filled all the orders I have, so PM me with what you want!
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