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At the behest of the entire server I would like to request the saitha(spires) portion of the mainquest be reworked to not require a character to be actively on the step to be flagged to progress the main quest. Having large character progression blocked behind going back to kill 70%~ of this zones trash and 3 bosses is very annoying and counterproductive for everybody involved. Rujik himself works this way. Prime enchanter can be killed at any time, but saitha remains the odd one out that punishes anybody wanting to make an alt and progress in the final tier of the game.

Devs have made numerous mentions of not liking people having to go do "trivial" content for things yet this monstrosity still exists to block everybody seeking seekerdom. It would be great if it was possible to flag people retroactively too but I know that might be slightly more involved. Its very sad to see people who have 2-3 items from her suddenly require a pointless raid just to unlock the final seeker step for loot.

Kapitol K

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i agree, i see no reason for rujik to be retroactive but not saitha. would be nice if things in this game were consistent.

edit: while youre at it might as well make PE a retroactive kill flag, ive done this zone strickly to loot MQ books for like 3 years now.


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I dunno, I think Spires needs some piranha in the waters to make things fairer. Best make those runic 2 pages more random too.
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