Returning player lf best duo to do adepts with


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Returning player lf best duo to do adepts with. Have no plat for twinkage. Dont mind staying level locking on certain levels to get best loot.

Also tips on what adepts are duoable ord not.


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The best class for adepts is cleric. Monk is probably the other best class maybe warrior. You should play whatever you want to play though because access to community bots and others willing to help you will your choices less of an issue. You also get the fun of having the kind lady buff you now making it even easier.


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monk is stronger sub ~lvl 25
war takes over after that

You don't need to twink at all, can just use adept gear. You can duo pretty much every adept up to lvl 15, undead spouses requires 4, after that the number you can duo starts to fall off but a few remain 2manable: Flitterwing, Brancu Earthrumbler, Elder Druid Fang-Speak, The Spectral Hunter, The Wind Hag, Huntfang, Tarx the Stormfeather, Notus of the Wind, Maggot-Infested Corpse, The Haunted Treant iirc can all be soloed/boxed but it takes a clr+ a war/monk geared for those fights(resist set mostly, the community toons are made for them).

Everything else up to Dher`quc, unholy abomination can be 4manned(altho there are a few new ones I'm unsure about) After that most are 6manable with a few exceptions: Head Miner Kalko and Cyclonus, the Wind's Revenge likely take 8+.

If you have a friend or two you can get quite far on the adepts and its a lot of fun! To push them with low numbers takes 2-3 clr and 2-3 war/mnk, they are just way stronger than the other classes.
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