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In the glorious year 2021 it would seem the bane of all players known only as the pinnacle of assassination or "raptor" is still broken in his final fight in field of bone.

Innumerable times this bomberclaad has invited me in with his honeyed words offering parley and tea only to immediately assail my being.
As if this were not uncouth enough he then proceeds to be impervious to my attacks whilst proclaiming to the whole world that I am a milksop.

I have attached a photo of my grievances. (Please ignore the outside assistance this was being done during my heroic escape).

This has happened to the last 3 characters I have done this quest on, even repeatedly after zoning to reset him. It is rather annoying to have to waste 20 minutes running back and forth between the island hoping that this time he will surely not just be invulnerable and try to murder you. Some people have suggested this only happens when you aren't invisible or are invisible but as far as I know this makes no difference in his willingness to actually engage in dialogue.



Dalayan Elder
a solution I heard about was approaching slowly from I think it was the north. but yeah it should be fixed so such hack fixes aren't needed.
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